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Slap on Child Labour

by Prittle Prattle Bureau

Child Labour means employers force children to work, even in a tragic situation. Employers do not consider the children’s needs and interests, so children lose their childhood fun early. Children don’t get a chance to educate themselves sometimes; it so happens that parents assume children are the only breadwinners. They believe that their life relies on it, and they sustain their life with less money they get.

Child Labour: Sometimes, uneducated adults force children to work in factories, fireworks, and many unsatisfactory places. Often children injure themselves in places like fireworks, and they don’t get adequate aid from others, and they lose their life. Children face depression working in places like these and commit suicide. The main reason for child labor is poverty and unemployment. In illegal work areas, adults dominate children, they at times order them to do illegal activities, and they don’t even get time for a lunch break. Most Child Labour don’t know how to handle life’s stressful situations and difficulties due to a lack of nurturing and empathy. So children don’t realize the value of friendship as they have to face the orders and commands of employers.

Childhood is when Child Labour need to educate themselves and develop the required skills. They should be allowed to play sports because that will help them imbibe skills like teamwork, collaboration, leadership, adaptability. Through education in school, they will upgrade themselves, get more knowledge, improve communication skills and flexibility. Child Labour: Children are the future; they should be trained with proper life skills and school education.

From International Year for the Elimination of Child labor:

Many neighborhoods do not have enough schools or view education as a priority. Sometimes, children seek work because their families are financially strained, and economic hardship can ultimately lead to child labor. International concern is growing, driven by Globalized markets, Economic transparency, Consumer awareness.

Globally, 152 million children aged between 5 to 17 are in child labor. Most perform hazardous work that places their health, safety, or moral development at risk. This issue is more prevalent in generating countries or countries experiencing conflicts and disasters—some children in child labor work 43 hours. A third of kids in child labor is entirely beyond the education system.

Methods adopted by Endchildlabour2021.org include the right policy approach and practical responses-

We need to advance the commitment for ending child labor and promote decent work for adults and young people of legal working age, build and extend social protection systems to serve low-income families, and expand access to free, quality, public education as the alternative to child labor, address child labor in supply chains, protect children in situations of fragility and crisis.

World Day Against Child Labour, June 12, an enterprise of the United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO), is marked worldwide to bring attention to the issue of child labor and the efforts and action needed to eliminate it.
According to 2011, the Census of India, 43.53 lakh children between the age group of 5 and 14 years are employed in various occupations. Although this graph has reduced drastically compared to the Census of India 2001, which estimated 1.26 crore performing children from the same age group, India always has a long way to go to become child labor free.

From Akshaya Patra’s blog: Child Labour has the power to tumble national progress, innovation, social security, and many other factors if left unaddressed. By performing the everyday school lunch, Akshaya Patra helps combat child labor by providing education for children in need.

The particular way for fighting child labor and winning it is to provide access to affordable education.

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