Nephrocare India celebrates its first anniversary by organizing a Walkathon

The walk started from Nephrocare and ended at Hotel Golden Tulip.

Nephrocare India ‘A walk for your kidney’ and spread awareness for better Kidney care

Nephrocare India proudly completes a year of its thriving existence on the 15th of December 2022. Regular 30 minutes of brisk walking keeps the kidneys healthy and keeping this in mind we organized ‘A walk for your kidney’

A walkathon which was arranged with about 200 participants along with celebrities who matched their steps to spread the idea of this healthy practice. The walk started from Nephrocare and ended at Hotel Golden Tulip.

The event was followed by tea and a message from beloved director, Dr. Pratim Sengupta. The event was attended by several eminent personalities: Dr. Pratim Sengupta, Founder & Director of Nephro Care; Dibyendu Barua, Chess Grandmaster;

Dr. Nibedita Chatterjee, CEO OF ILS Group of Hospital; Ram Krishna Jaiswal, Consulate General of Maldives; Joydeep Das, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Sports; Debashish Dutta, Mohun Bagan Club Secretary; Adv. Saikat Biswas, Chamber of Commerce Bengal Chapter and many other eminent personalities. The event was managed by Map5 Events.

Nephrocare: A comprehensive and compassionate kidney care Institute: Nephro Care India Pvt. Ltd is one of the most esteemed health care institutions focused on caring for the most intensive kidney disease patients, had been established in the month of December 2021, by eminent and noteworthy Nephrologist Dr. Pratim Sengupta.

Kidney disease: A silent epidemic: Kidney disease is a silent epidemic and India is contributing the highest numbers of renal failure patients in the world. 1 out of 11 Indians may be a victim of renal failure. Diabetes and hypertension are the leading cause of renal failure.

30 % of patients suffering from diabetes will develop chronic renal failure in later phase of their life. Pain killer abuse is the 3rd most important cause of renal failure in India. The disease is silent in its initial stages but symptoms surfaces only when 70% of kidney function is compromised.

More than 2 lakh people add to the list of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) every year, requiring dialysis support to sustain life. There are limited resources available to combat such huge number of renal failure cases annually. It is estimated that for roughly every 72,000 renal failure patient there is one specialized doctor to serve them which is literally impossible.

Renal transplantation unit and dialysis centers are also not surplus to handle the situation. Prevention, early detection, and the creation of comprehensive renal care facilities across India are the only effective ways to combat this silent epidemic where NephroCare aim daily to set its mark one day at a time.

Speaking to the media, Nephrologist, Dr. Pratim Sengupta, Founder & Director of Nephro Care said, “We treat patients in a unique way, our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care at affordable cost. All diagnosis and treatment decisions are based on pathology and laboratory reporting added with much logical inference, considering the human body with all its functionality in linear understandable fashion as everyone has their own challenges.
Every being has a Physical Body coupled with a Mental Body & Spiritual Body with an infinite Energy Body. Our laboratory investigation gives us information about our physical ailments, but a significant component of any diseased state exists in other three forms of our existence. Reaching that domain is often neglected or mostly overlooked sticking to textbook definition of treatments.
At Nephro Care India we analyze all these aspects of the disease scientifically and provide a holistic medical care to the patient. For whosoever visiting Nephro Care India, it’s our policy that all doctors and caregivers treat individuals as a family member and do all that they would for someone they love with all their heart.”
NephroCare provides holistic care to anyone suffering from kidney/ related disorder through a team of experts composed of :
∙ Team of Accomplished nephrologist ∙ Trained renal Dietician and nutrition experts ∙ Renal and life style counsellors
Milestones achieved in last 1 year:
∙ Total patient served: 5000+
∙ Received nutrition consultation: 1300+ ∙ Received doctor’s consultation: 4500+ ∙ Patients did blood test: 5500+
∙ Patients took medicines: 8000+
∙ Physical trainer and experts from Mantra Life Style Health Club
∙ Emotional and psychological support team ∙ Yoga Experts
∙ Patients received hemodialysis: 3500+
∙ Patients enrolled in Yoga: 2000+
∙ Kidney transplantation done: 300+
∙ Families benefitted: 10000
Our upcoming dream projects:
∙ Expanding horizon to serve 10 countries of the world
∙ Digital revolution and taking kidney treatment to AI based management
∙ “No diet for CKD” Exploring Renal nutrition to the next advanced level
∙ Incorporating Yoga to connect body and mind in treating renal failure
∙ A 250 bedded hospital-being India’s first premier kidney care institute
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