Crossword PR Announces “The Great Visioners Awards Season-2”

A variety of perspectives will be presented during presentations by prominent business figures during the event.

The Great Visioners Awards presented by Crossword Public Relations is coming back with their second edition, which will be in Delhi in 2023, following the huge success of the previous edition.

The award is meant to recognise exceptional efforts made by various service providers across all segments of the market and industry verticals.

The registration is open to partipate in the prestigious award show. The event is anticipated to draw notable socialites and celebrities.

The event will honour the leaders’ ongoing commitment to excellence and include a panel discussion with the inspirational leaders who are influencing India’s future.

A variety of perspectives will be presented during presentations by prominent business figures during the event.

The event is expected to draw significant players from the hospitality, health, education, and a number of business sectors. A number of celebrities, politicians and social workers are also scheduled to attend and offer their perspectives.

The event this year will also honor the digital creators who are making a difference in the digital world. To guarantee that everyone in attendance got the most out of the event, the dialogues would be instructive, interesting, and stimulating.

Rajnish Jain, Director of Crossword Public Relations stated: “We are thrilled to bring back “The Great Visioners Awards 2023” with a second season.

The first season was a huge success, and it gives us immense pleasure to recognise the great visionaries in India and honor their contributions to our society. We are anticipating that this edition will also be a great success like the previous one.”

Crossword Public Relations (a unit of Brandthum Communication & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.) a pioneer in the PR sector with the fastest growing company and increases brand value for businesses of all sizes.

They think that by giving their customers value, they can produce high-quality work for them. Crossword is regarded as a communication centre in both domestic and foreign markets thanks to its enormous network covering more than 300 cities in India and more than 10 other countries.
A 360-degree marketing and communications firm that specialises in press and media management offers its clients intelligent answers through a variety of cogent services and a dedication to innovation and quality.
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