Healthium introduces TheruptorTM Novo, a proprietary bandage for the treatment

TheruptorTM Novo is an anti-microbial and non-toxic wound dressing with technology patented in US, India, EU, and Canada.

TheruptorTM Novo by Healthium is a patented product designed and manufactured in India for the global market wound-dressing product that provides a conducive wound healing environment for chronic wounds.

Healthium Medtech, a global medical devices company focused on surgical, post-surgical, and chronic care, announced that the company has launched a new wound dressing portfolio TheruptorTM Novo for the management of chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers and leg ulcers.

With the launch of TheruptorTM Novo, Healthium strengthens its existing portfolio of patented products in the advanced wound dressing segment.

According to an NCBI survey, India has almost 77 million diabetes patients.

Beyond well know complications like diabeticneuropathy and diabetic nephropathy, the other major and rising complication is Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

The lifetime risk of a person with diabetes having a foot ulcer has been reported to be as high as 25%. India witnessed almost 1 lakh registered amputations today due to unmanaged diabetic foot ulcers complications.

The treatment of foot ulcers is painful and costly. TheruptorTM Novo is a best in class patented product that provides an optimum healing environment and addresses the concerns of the chronic wound dressing.

TheruptorTM Novo is an anti-microbial and non-toxic wound dressing with technology patented in US, India, EU, and Canada.

This product works on a physical kill mechanism of attracting, binding, and rupturing formula – a patented technology that minimizes the development of resistant microbes and aids in healing.

The entire dressing has positively charged cationic sites, attracting the negatively charged microbes and effectively rupturing their cell walls, thus achieving anti-microbial protection.

The anti-microbial technology is non-interfering and doesn’t enter into the wound bed, making it persistent and effective for up to 7 days.

“It gives us immense pleasure to launch TheruptorTM Novo using our indigenous patented technology. This is another great addition to our robust and dynamic product portfolio in the wound care and infection prevention segment. We will continue to add value to our customers by manufacturing high-quality precision-based devices and products that address the unmet gaps and bring patient safety to the fore. We will strive towards strengthening our presence, expand our product portfolio and deliver better patient care worldwide.”

Anish Bafna, CEO and MD Healthium Medtech, said,

“The launch of Theruptor Novo reinforces our commitment towards precision products for clinicians and the patient community. At Healthium we are immensely focused on innovation, safety, quality, and research for holistic solutions for the clinical and patient community. Theruptor Novo is a patented product for managing chronic wounds, which acts through a unique physical mechanism of action, as against most of the available dressings, which act through the pharmacological mechanism. The unique 3-D Hydrocellular substrate enables wicking action facilitating adequate exudate and moisture management and provides an optimal wound healing environment.”

Dr. Ashok Moharana, Chief Medical Officer, Healthium Medtech, further adds,

About Healthium Medtech Limited:

Healthium Medtech Limited is a global medtech firm that specialises on surgical, post-surgical, and chronic care products. A Healthium Medtech product is used in one out of every five surgeries performed worldwide.
It is the largest independent Indian medical device firm as of fiscal 2022. Healthium Medtech is the world’s leading maker of non-captive surgical needles. Healthium Medtech is the third-largest firm in the United Kingdom’s urology collection devices industry.
With the goal of providing precision medtech to every patient throughout the world, the company has established substantial market access in India, covering over 40,000 surgeons across 18,000 hospitals and reaching 90% of all India districts with secondary healthcare facilities. It is also present in 80 countries.
The company’s diverse portfolio includes 52,000 SKUs across Advanced surgery, Urology, Arthroscopy, and wound care products.
With a strong focus on R&D, the company has eight high precision, integrated, and scaled manufacturing facilities with global certifications and approvals like US FDA, C.E, CDSCO, TGA, and ISO.
Since fiscal 2018, the company has sold 30 new products, including a patented portfolio of arthroscopy products.
The Company has 64 US, Europe, and India patents, including pending applications. It acquired three businesses in FY21 to expand its market reach and product portfolio.
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