Has Covid-19 raised the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in adults

The report also stated that the highest risk of the disorder was observed in women 85 years of age or older.

In the post-COVID world, there is a real and present danger of another epidemic – a silent one – emerging.

Recent research suggests that COVID infection significantly increases older people’s risk of Alzheimer’s. A recent research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, elderly persons infected with Covid-19 had a 50-80 percent increased chance of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease within a year.

The report also stated that the highest risk of the disorder was observed in women 85 years of age or older.

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological illness that causes memory loss thinking, behaviour, and ability to do daily duties. The illness was named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, who discovered it in 1906.

In India, more than 4 million people reportedly have Alzheimer’s, and at least 44 million people worldwide suffer from the Disease.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s are mild at first and become more severe over time. The first signs of its onset are usually memory loss and difficulty finding the right words for everyday things.

A common myth surrounding the Disease is that it only afflicts older adults. However, data suggests otherwise – young adults can also get affected.

Experts suggest that a person is likely to develop Alzheimer’s from multiple factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, and environment.

“In my 50 years of Homeopathy career, I have seen that people have mostly misunderstood Alzheimer’s. It can be fatal, but the patient can be in a safer place with the right intervention at the right time. Homeopathy remedies for Alzheimer’s are customized according to each individual. It is a holistic approach that helps treat the underlying cause of the Disease. Apart from Homeopathy, one can also look at making healthy lifestyle changes to promote cognitive and overall good health.”

Dr. Mukesh Batra, Padmashri recipient, and Founder and Chairman– of Dr. Batra’s Group of Companies, said,

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