It is the season to indulge in yummy gummies by Nyumi

Say goodbye to all your skin problems this monsoon with these delicious gummies

The monsoon season is here, and the air is ripe with the pleasant, dewy petrichor of the post-rain. While the country witness magical monsoon showers, it comes with unwarranted issues related to skin, hair, and immunity. This season demands extra care and precaution that one needs to take to boost immunity and protect the skin and hair. Multivitamin gummies are the yummiest option that offers a host of health benefits. They are the easiest way to enhance one’s immunity.

Nyumi is a new wellness and gummy vitamins brand that blends the best of Indian and Western ingredients. These gummies are vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, and gelatin-free, with no artificial flavors and colors. The brand’s purpose is to make good health a daily companion for an Indian woman progressing towards better health and personal development. Go and shop for the best gummy in town!

Radiant Skin Gummies: Glowing skin is always in! Nyumi radiant skin gummies are formulated using an enriching blend of 8 essential Indian herbs and Western ingredients, including Vitamin C & E, Hyaluronic Acid, and Curcumin extract (Haldi).
Give your skin much-needed nutrient-love for that healthy glow from within. To top it all, these gummies taste like juicy mandarin oranges, so it’s a win-win.

Happy Hair Gummies: Now, you can have good hair for days. Happy Hair gummies are formulated using an enriching blend of western and Indian ingredients like Biotin, Choline, Inositol, Zinc, Selenium, and Amla to give you hair that is healthy and full of life. And in a lush strawberry flavor, it is a match made in heaven for your tastebuds.

Beauty Sleep Gummies: A good night’s sleep does not just help you focus better but also keeps you looking great. Nyumi beauty sleep gummies pack in the best Indian herbs and Western ingredients to help you improve your sleep time and quality. Additionally, they are packed with nutrients to restore your skin health as you sleep.

Core Immunity Gummies: The immune system is your personal warrior that puts up a fight to keep you healthy. Do your bit by providing it with essential nourishment. Nyumi Core Immunity gummies are formulated using an enriching blend of western and Indian ingredients like Vitamin C and D3, Zinc, Tulsi, and Curcumin to help you stay in the best of your health. And to have it taste like Tangy Citrus is like having lemon on the pie.

UT Care Gummies: Now, you can easily keep UTIs at bay. UT Care gummies are formulated using an enriching blend of western and Indian ingredients like Patented Cranberry Extract, Vitamin C, and Hibiscus and created to help you get through the day with ease. What is better? They taste rich Cranberry.

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