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Monkey Bar World Thirsty20 Cocktail Championship !!

All India, October 2021: Presenting the perfect match up of cricket & cocktails.

While the boys in blue battle it out on the field, India’s favourite gastropub Monkey Bar (part of the Olive Group of restaurants) is hosting the World Thirsty20 in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata from Oct 22- Nov 14, 2021, an off the pitch, boozy Cocktail Championship that will let you cheer your favourite team on, in the highest of spirits.

When cricket meets cocktails – you can expect a contest so amazing that deserves a special menu unlike any other. Fans across the country (and abroad) are all set to experience the most exhilarating championship ever and Monkey Bar gets in on this nail-biting cricketing extravaganza with 5 exciting, new cocktails. To keep the Indian spirit burning bright and keep you from burning out, our specially crafted cocktails promise to cool you down, as the cricket mania takes over. Come over to Monkey Bar, and cheer for the giants of cricket.

We can’t keep calm, as the biggest sporting event of the year has just begun. The runs keep notching up, the losses and the tosses, the misses and wickets all make for the best entertainment ever. Monkey Bar World Thirsty20 – cocktail championship menu is there to keep you in good spirits. Get in on the action with some help from our special crafted cocktails. Meet our Margarita of the Match – that combines tequila and kala khatta to become the cocktail of the hour or sip on The Maximum Kokum that delivers maximum Indian flavours blended with vodka and kokum.

Also joining us as mentor is Captain Cooler stirring up whiskey with peach syrup, finished with ginger and mint to keep those nerves tipsy, yet calm. Pair our unpretentious pub grub with a mustard infused gin and curry leaf G&T that we aptly call the Ginside Edge.
And if this isn’t enough to bowl you over, then we bring out the big guns with our Four Spirit Haul that celebrates the attacking quartet of vodka, gin, rum and tequila mixed with jamun juice and lime. The perfect game plan involves matching these knockout concoctions with our regional Indian inspired fare in equal measure, this World Thirsty20 season.

So whether you’re thirsty for cricket or cocktails, we’ve got you covered. Swing by and let the championship begin! Besides the selection of amazing cocktails, there is a wide selection of small plates to munch on through the game. Pick from Flutterfly, Chilli Cheese Dragon Rolls, Loaded Nachos, Reddy’s Popcorn Chicken and so much more!!!

There is more to catch than just runs and balls though. Monkey Bar has geared up for the season with all the ammunition you are ever going to need to support the team. And, don’t forget to carb load with our fabulous small plates, burgers, stuffed kulchas and regional inspired large plates, to prepare yourself for the game. So get ready for the adrenalin rush, the excitement, the highs and the lows. Get ready for the World Thirsty20 as our Boys in Blue set the pitch on fire!

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