Air Canada targets net-zero emission by 2050, to embrace sustainable aviation fuel

By Sachin Bhalerao

ACT comprises a consortium of ten global airlines and the Boston Consulting Group. It was founded to accelerate the pace of innovation in decarbonization technologies and research by embracing sustainable aviation fuels.

“Air Canada is quite determined on our environmental functioning and is committed to cutting down our carbon footprint. We have set up a target of net zero emissions by 2050. Reducing and combatting global warming needs a global approach. We are the first Canadian airline to join ACT as a founding member. We will join hands with other international carriers and invest in innovative technologies to decarbonize our aviation sector and build a sustainable aviation industry in the future,” said Michael Rousseau, President, and Chief Executive, Air Canada.

As part of its aim of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target across its global operations by 2050, Air Canada will be investing about $50 million into alternative fuels through ACT.

Founded in 2021, ACT is focused on fast-tracking innovations in various emerging technologies to drive decarbonization in the aviation sector through two significant pillars— Collaboration Forum and Innovation Network.

The Innovation Network will use proven tools to identify alliance prospects across the aviation industry and offer funding and platforms to tackle perilous barriers. On the other hand, the Collaboration Forum will ascertain alternative ways to accelerate the implementation and step up  Next-Gen technologies.

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