Telangana mother uses chilli pepper to punish her cannabis-addicted son, but netizens have their own ideas

The youngster is tied to a pole on the street in the viral video, and the woman is seen pouring chilli powder in his eyes.

A lady in Telangana admonished her son by rubbing chilli powder into his eyes in a desperate attempt to halt his cannabis addiction. The disturbing footage of the youngster pleading for aid has since gone famous online, sparking a controversy as netizens discussed whether using chilli pepper was the proper way to handle him.

The youngster is tied to a pole with a rope in the video, circulating on social media platforms such as WhatsApp. Another woman holds his hands while his mother applies chilli powder to his face. Even while the boy screams and sobs, his mother continues to thrash him.

The event, captured on camera in the Suryapet district’s Kodad hamlet, was reportedly repeated till the 15-year-old youngster vowed to leave his addiction.

As the video went viral, Ramana, the mother, spoke to local media to explain why she was obliged to take such harsh measures. The mom, who identified herself as a daily gambler, stated that they have no idea how or where her son Suresh became addicted to marijuana. “In the previous year, his addiction has worsened. He stumbles here and there. We must go in search of him. He’s hooked on it. Nobody cares,” she added in Telugu. As the video went viral, many people commented that they understood her motivation to discipline her son but that such punishment would not address the problem and that the boy required medical assistance.
Many people asked if they could help the boy get into a drug rehabilitation center in any manner. Others urged the local police to step up their efforts against drug peddlers who sell drugs to minors.

The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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