NCPA is bringing Agnee and Sitar Rhapsody with Chirag Katti

Music from around the world exerts vast cross-cultural influence as styles influence one another.

National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) is geared up to bring two special performances across Indian music genres this Weekend as part of ‘One World Many Musics.’ The initiative celebrates the power of music as the healing force that promotes cross-cultural understanding and showcases varied musical traditions for the co-existence of cultural and artistic plurality in the world. in Special Performances for ‘One World Many music’

This Weekend, the famous Indian rock band Agnee will come back to perform in Mumbai after a while and for the first time at NCPA. Chirag Katti, the sitarist with his exceptional ensemble ‘Sitar Rhapsody,’ will also enthrall audiences with different fusions and genres.

The world that we live in is buzzing with diverse traditions and musical forms across various indigenous cultures. Music from around the world exerts vast cross-cultural influence as styles influence one another. ‘One World Many Musics’ celebrates different genres of music.

The festival has previously featured contemporary Indian music bands such as Midival Punditz and the Indian Ocean and exciting collaborations between artists from various musical worlds such as Shivamani (percussion), Louis Banks (keyboards), Niladri Kumar (sitar and zitar) as an ensemble Asia Electrik; U.Srinivas and Shri; Rahul Sharma (santoor) and Jayati Gosher (rabab and bass guitar).

Please find details of both performances below.

Sitar Rhapsody with Chirag and Friends
7th October 2022 | 7 pm | Experimental Theatre | Member price – INR 360 & 270/- Non-member price – INR 400 & 300/- | Student Discount: Present your student ID card and avail 20% discount. Use Promo Code: NCPASTU20

With sitarist Chirag Katti as its lead, Sitar Rhapsody is a fusion ensemble that endeavors to blend compositions based on Indian art music to build a contemporary sound that is not only high-energy but also appealing to the audience. The costume includes talented young musicians – Sivahari Ranade (keyboards), Hansel Dias (bass guitar), Siddharth Nagarajan (drums), Rupak Dhamankar (table), and ID Rao (saxophone).

The ensemble strives to maintain its exclusivity by consciously blending traditional raga-based melodies with elements of blues and adopting fusion versions of some familiar mainstream songs from Bollywood to The Beatles and more.

8th October 2022 | 7pm | Tata Theatre | Member price – INR 1800, 1440, 1080, 720 & 450/- (inclusive of GST) Non-member price – INR 2000, 1600, 1200, 800 & 500/-
Agnee is a dynamic and widely appreciated rock band known for its deep-rooted Indian sound, hummable tunes, and live-wire performances with multi-lingual songs inspired by Kabir’s poetry and Vedic and Carnatic music.
Having released a series of super hits, including ‘Sadho Re,’ ‘Kabira,’ ‘Shaam Tanha,’ the Splitsvilla, and Roadies theme songs, the band has won several music awards, including MTV Video Music Award and GIMA Award. The band has also been featured on MTV Unplugged and The Dewarists music TV series.
Agnee’s music is a collective of individual styles of composing and performing: Koco with his rock and blues influences, Mohan with his Carnatic and Hindustani classical ascendancy, along with Hrishikesh on drums, Varun on percussions, and Chirayu on bass.
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