Netizens are stunned after seeing videos of kangaroos walking across West Bengal in 2022

The forest officials are baffled how the kangaroos native to New Guinea and Australia made their way to India.

Kangaroos are commonly associated with places such as Australia and New Guinea. However, over the weekend, many footages of kangaroos roaming the highways of West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri region began to circulate online.

The fact that these animals were thousands of miles away from their natural habitats astounded the general public and forest department professionals.

On Saturday, forest officials told reporters that three kangaroos had been rescued from various locations in Siliguri. Officials also stated that they discovered a deceased baby kangaroo in what looks to be an animal smuggling case.

“After being rescued, all three were transferred for treatment,” a senior forest officer said. We’re curious about who brought these kangaroos here and how they got here. We believe these animals were smuggled into Nepal. However, we are also investigating the motivation for smuggling.”
In response to one such video, Indian Forest Service official Parveen Kaswan explained that the animals were not part of any zoo and had been rescued by authorities.

The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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