& Flix unites Spiderman fans with a multilingual rap song

& Flix has collaborated with the Dopeadelicz crew, and Yoku from 7Bantaiz to create a spiderman themed multilingual rap in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam

Spiderman was the first superhero to be introduced to many Indians, and he surely has made a mark on all of us.

The fandom has only grown since its inception, and the films have garnered immense love and appreciation from the audience. & Flix is taking the love forward by bringing to the fans the biggest film in the Spiderman franchise, Spiderman:

No Way Home. It is a huge treat for all the Spidey lovers as it is the first film that ventures into the multiverse with not one but three Spiderman’s entertaining the audiences!

So, Spidey fans, are you ready for the most exciting film coming this weekend on your Television screens?
Focusing on the insight that the movie has brought together fans from different regions and arenas of life, & Flix is celebrating by collaborating with the first multilingual rap crew of India, Dopeadelicz, and Yoku from 7Bantaiz, to create a special rap song. Breaking all linguistic barriers, the song will cater to audiences from across the country.

The song will include five languages, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. So, if you are a Spiderman fan, we hope you are ready with your headphones to hear the biggest rap of the year! Speaking about what drove him toward Rap music and his advice to the newcomers in the industry, Rajesh Radhakrishnan, aka Dope Daddy, shared, “Staying true to my people and bringing out the true realities of life with my music has always inspired me.

Hip Hop is not just a genre but a culture today, and that very culture enables me to rightfully speak and do something for society through my words. The culture is growing in India now more than ever before, and I feel immensely happy when someone new enters the industry and brings their talent forward. All I want to tell them is that be true to yourself, follow the guidelines and make sure you are doing rap to follow your passion and not just for fame.”

Sharing his experience about working with & Flix, Tony Sebastian, aka Stony Psycho said, “It was an incredible experience working with & Flix especially because they are bringing one of my most favourite movies to the audiences. I am a huge spiderman fan myself and I would really like to thank & Flix for giving Dopeadelicz the opportunity to showcase our love and affection towards the movie. The rap is extremely special and unique because it is catering to the regional audience. Also, this is the first time ever when we have gone out of our comfort zone and done some singing along with the rap. It is not just a song but an Anthem for all the Spidy lovers!”

Talking about his comeback and giving a message to the viewers, Agnel Avinash Benson aka Benz shared, “I am a huge Marvel fan, and I don’t think anyone can be as excited as me for Spiderman to be coming on Television. I have been watching Spiderman since childhood and am truly blessed to make a comeback into the world of HipHop with such a big scale movie. It is a huge milestone that I have crossed, and I am extremely sure that if Spiderman is the start then there are tons of good things coming my way after this project. I just want to tell the audience that, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ So, be a responsible citizen, do good for society, country, and the world, and don’t forget to be a good human like our superhero.”

Speaking about rap, Yogesh Kurme, aka Yoku BIG from 7Bantiaz, said, “The shoot for the song has been amazing, and I am immensely excited for the viewers to hear the rap. Through the video, we have showcased unity, friendship, and love because we want to share a message with the world that there is no need for evil; we can do everything with love and respect. I just want to tell the viewers to be ready to watch the premiere of Spiderman in your favorite language, and we hope you will love hearing the rap as much as we loved creating it.”

Spiderman: No Way Home is a widely loved film that introduces the concept of the multiverse, increasing entertainment three folds with the presence of three spiders played by Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Toby Maguire, all in the role of Peter Parker. With a spell gone wrong, dangerous foes from other worlds start to appear, forcing Peter to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man. With brilliant performances, mind-boggling cinematography, and an engaging storyline, viewers cannot miss this Indian Television Premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home!

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