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Broadway Style Ramlila – Sampurn Ramayana hits multiplex for the first time ever as Aryan Heritage Foundation opens its arms to normalization

Broadway Style Ramlila – Sampurn Ramayana hits multiplex for the first time ever as Aryan Heritage Foundation opens its arms to normalization

As the human race is struggling hard to move past the covid age, Aryan Heritage Foundation is trying to bring people towards normalization. This time around, it is presenting its uniquely designed production “Broadway Style Ramlila – Sampurn Ramayana” through Multiplex in Prashant Vihar, starting October 8th to 14th, 2021.

“Broadway Style Ramlila – Sampurn Ramayana” by Rajender Mittal is a three hour grand stage show production that has been performed every year since 2015, in the grounds of Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi. During the course of this three hour spectacle, the audience is transported to Satyug where they live every moment with Sri Ram, making analogies between His life and theirs.

Rajender Mittal, who is the creator of Sampurn Ramayana and President of Aryan Heritage Foundation, says “Last year was lost to Covid and this year also, authorities are not too keen to allow performance of live shows. Determined not to let this year pass by, we have decided its time this grand production hits the big screen. Afterall, the show must go on!”

In his mystical voice, actor Mukesh Khanna narrates the story of Ramayana as Valmiki, and walks the audience through the various phases of Sri Ram’s life. The title song is sung by Udit Narayan and one introducing Ravana is sung by Kailash Kher. The show is directed by Shashidharan Nair and music is arranged by Chandra Kamal and Bharat Kamal.

Performed by over 100 carefully auditioned actors and dancers from Mandi House and National School of Drama, Sampurn Ramayana is the first ever Ramayana to use Multi Layer LED Screens and 3D graphics, a technology known to grand Broadway productions of New York. The show’s background score is a fusion of Indian and Western influences and boasts of 17 Original Sound Tracks. With 5.1 Surround Sound the whole experience becomes extremely magical and dreamlike.
Sampurn Ramayana is set to become the first Ramlila ever, and first movie based on Ramayana in a really long time, to be played in reputed multiplex. After a break in continuity last year, Aryan Heritage Foundation believes that something as integral as the Ramlila must be showcased in any form possible, and of course whilst abiding by covid regulations; the very reason why the show has been moved to multiplex, marking a niche in the genre of dramas like the Ramlila. This will be the first time ever that the people of India will talk about watching life-like Ramlila at the cinemas!

Abreast with the knowledge of an anticipated third wave and the staggering number of active covid cases, Aryan Heritage Foundation will allow exclusive and restricted entry to fewer audiences against the humongous gathering of 10,000 viewers per day it catered to since its inception in 2015. Care will be taken to admit only double vaccinated staff and audiences in a fully sanitized premise, where seating will be sparsely arranged. Needless to say, the Broadway Style Ramlila will have a surreal feel to it owing to the projection on the large screens and the surround sounds will further be enhanced for a once in a lifetime experience!

Chairman of Aryan Heritage Foundation, Ishwar Bansal says “Sampurn Ramayana aims at conditioning young tender minds increasingly dominated by western influences and superficiality of values and emotions. It becomes essential to answer the wake up call and make efforts in the direction of bringing youth and kids of India to embrace their rich culture and heritage.”

General Secretary Anil Garg says “Through the Broadway Styled Ramlila, Sampurn Ramayana, we aim at using modern technology and nuances to bring audiences face to face with the practical application of morals and teachings from the whole life of Lord Ram in a mere 3 hour capsule.”

Resuming to normalcy, Rajender Mittal said, “Our endeavour to bring forth a creation that would touch audiences belonging to all age groups in a very warm way has paid off well. I am elated to see the response we have received since the commencement of Broadway Style Ramlila, which is why we are back and stringently following all covid norms for the safety of our crew and audience. I am proud of having designed something extremely fresh and new out of an age old epic that has been told time and again. It is because of its uniqueness that Sampurn Ramayana feels new every time.”

Director Shashidharan Nair exclaims, “It is good to be back and embrace normalcy for once. Our artists, performers and the whole team have worked with their souls invested in bringing out a spectacular show that will endorse the valuable teachings from Lord Ram’s life to people so as to make them applicable in everyday life.”

About Aryan Heritage Foundation

Aryan Heritage Foundation’s Sampurna Ramayana is an exceptional platform which simplifies the intricacies of a legendary epic like the Ramayan. It is the NGO’s constant endeavour to spread awareness and enlightenment about rich Indian Heritage and Culture. For a concept this essential in today’s times, a host of eminent names in the field of arts have come together to shape up something as spectacular as this for the discerning audience.

The foundation strives to balance the heavy inclination of our generation towards western culture and values. While the shift is primarily driven by modern lifestyle and professional dependencies lured by the mirage of a quality life, it is ironic to see Westerners adopting Indian Culture for a deeper understanding of self and the universe for better quality of life. Aryan Heritage Foundation is committed to bridge this gap by spreading our rich Indian Heritage and Cultural values on a modern platform, in a language understood by youth, and in a time frame which fits in today’s hectic lifestyle and busy schedule.

This news was shared to Prittle Prattle News via press release.

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