An inspiring story from the Top 5 Mom bloggers and an entrepreneurs in India

A leading Mom Influencer of the country and a Mom Comedian - Content Creation as a Business option and being on the way to entrepreneurship.

A leading Mom Influencer of the country and a Mom Comedian – Content Creation as a Business option and being on the way to entrepreneurship.

  • How did the journey of being a Mom Influencer start?

Serendipity! It started with a DSLR to capture my child’s pictures. Capturing them led me to post them on Instagram, connecting with fellow creators. Since then, there has been no looking back.

  • Tell us about yourself and your journey.

I am from Haridwar and have been brought up in an environment of importance to academics. I studied Biotechnology to become an Educator. I cracked an impromptu joke, and the entire class burst out laughing.

Ever since, I would look at my lectures as performances and make sure that while students learn complex concepts, they also love the same.

Thus began my journey of self-discovery, during which I discovered that I am a better performer than an educator.

As a result, I went on a new adventure to assist individuals in love in getting married through Dtales – A Wedding Planning Company.

It gave me an unusual thrill to witness the families, uncles and aunties, shy bride, apprehensive groom, and excited friends having a fantastic time.

It was fantastic. Weddings were one big stage production, and I was terrific at it. But, when my daughter was born, I had to choose between my ‘two babies.’

So, I decided my human baby and discontinued my work; however, I could not let go of this joy of performance and creativity. So, that’s how my Instagram Page started and continues to grow.

  • How does one go about becoming a successful social media influencer?

Identifying your audience and their needs and having a USP- a distinctive voice or personality helps greatly. Being genuine links you to your audience and boosts your reputation.

Apart from that, making no compromises on quality, remaining consistent with your content quality while churning out newer ideas, and having a complete understanding of content/brand marketing are a few attributes that will help you stand out and establish a reputation for yourself.
  • Is being a Content Creator a financially viable option?
Yes, of course! It’s not about the numbers these days. It’s about the content and quality.
  • What do you think are the essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur?
Resilience. As the well-known saying goes – “It is not about how hard you can hit. It’s all about how hard you can get hit while still moving forward.”
Launching a Wedding Company from the ground up back then to starting something completely different – My Instagram Page – and making a reputation for myself in it hasn’t been an easy ride.
While both the ventures have one thing in common, i.e., creativity, they both come with their share of ups and downs, and this attitude of survivorship has helped me a lot.
Hard work. Cliché but true! I wish there were a substitute for it
I am someone who gives a lot of importance to having a balanced life. While I agree that having that “perfect balance” is always a Work-in-Progress, I keep striving towards it.
Having a healthy lifestyle – 7-8 hours of sleep, workout and mindful eating, might not look like huge contributing factors to your professional life, but they are.
I work better, and my productivity increases when I close off all these non-negotiable things in my day.
Upgrade and evolve – Entrepreneurs must be able to visualise what the world will be 2-3-5 years from now, giving them the clarity to plan their next steps and keep up with the ever-changing trends and demands.
Consistency. “I don’t fear the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once,” stated Bruce Lee, “but I do dread the person who has practised one kick 10,000 times.” It’s essential to be consistent and committed to your work.
  • What are your plans?
I’ve always concentrated on sharing happiness through my website, and I plan to continue doing so, primarily through Observational Comedy Content on Parenting/Motherhood.
In addition, I plan to create more and more relatable and shareable content that continues reaching millions.
I am a Co-Founder of a Networking Community for women entrepreneurs – Mumbai Mum Tribe, where we hold regular workshops and events for like-minded mothers and provide them with a platform to work and help them network.
Besides that, I have recently ventured into Travel Segment as a Parent Travel Creator sharing experiences from a Parent’s point of view on my new page @oneandahalfticket because Family travel is different from solo or couple travel in terms of comfort, safety and experiences.

Highlighting Yuvika’s achievements:

Yuvika’s ability to adapt & lead the changes in the ever-growing digital world has put her on the list for Proctor and Gamble as one of the Top 5 Mom Bloggers in the Country to be featured in their DVC for OLAY.
This apart, she has been a part of TV and various digital media commercials and shows on Motherhood with Sunny Leone and Shruti Seth.
That’s not all! She was recently seen opening the show for UNIMO (universe of moms) at the prestigious Bombay Times Fashion Week 2022.
In addition, Yuvika has an impressive repertoire of collaborations in her kitty – including Google and Netflix, to name a few.
This article is drafted by Prittle Prattle News in the form of an Interview.
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