The Designer’s Class partners with Masaba Gupta, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Gauri Khan, Joseph Radhik to mentor its students

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Preetam Saikia, Chief Marketing Officer, The Designer’s Class

The Designer’s Class is India’s first digital education platform focused on design and aims to make design education accessible, affordable, and open to all. Users can enjoy access to numerous recorded lessons, take advantage of supplementary resources, learn directly from the industry’s best designers, and even stand a chance to win an internship.

1. What does your company do? Your role in it?

The Designer’s Class is an online platform that aims to make premium Design Education accessible to all. We provide various design courses, including Fashion, Jewellery, Interior, Photography, and Beauty/Makeup. As the Chief Marketing Officer, I develop and implement marketing strategies to promote our courses, reach a wider audience, and attract students passionate about design. I work closely with our team to create engaging content, manage digital marketing campaigns, and build partnerships to enhance our brand visibility in the design education industry.

2. Evolution in the past few years in your industry. Your contribution to the betterment?

The design education industry has evolved significantly in the past few years. With the advent of technology and the growing importance of creative fields, there has been a surge in the demand for design education. The Designer’s Class has played a crucial role in meeting this demand by providing high-quality online courses taught by renowned mentors and designers. By partnering with influential figures such as Masaba Gupta, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Gauri Khan, Joseph Radhik, and others, the company has facilitated access to their expertise and mentorship for its students. This has enriched the quality of our courses and opened doors for aspiring designers to learn from industry veterans and gain valuable insights into the design profession.
Our platform has evolved to incorporate live classes, doubt-solving sessions, and internship opportunities, offering a holistic learning experience to students. By bridging the gap in design education, we have contributed to empowering individuals, especially women, with the skills and knowledge needed to express themselves in the design industry.

3. Any Success routine you would like to suggest?
A success routine that I would suggest is to embrace a growth mindset and never stop learning. The design industry constantly evolves, and staying updated with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies is essential for success. Setting clear goals, developing a disciplined work ethic, and seeking continuous improvement can propel individuals toward their desired achievements. Additionally, networking and collaborating with industry professionals, attending design events and workshops, and exploring new avenues for creativity can contribute to personal and professional growth.

4. How did the company raise funding, or are you looking forward to the same?
Currently, our company is operating as a bootstrapped venture. We have sustained and grown by leveraging our resources and revenue generated through student enrollments. At the moment, we are not actively seeking external funding. However, we remain open to potential funding opportunities in the future if it aligns with our long-term objectives and growth plans.

5. Explain Post Covid-19 Scenario by 2030 for the company and your career.?
Looking ahead to the post-Covid-19 scenario by 2030, we envision a thriving future for our company and the design education industry. As the world recovers from the pandemic, online learning and skill development will continue to be highly sought after. The Designer’s Class is well-positioned to cater to this demand and expand our course offerings. We anticipate leveraging technology advancements to provide an immersive and interactive learning experience. As for my career, I foresee exciting opportunities for professional growth within the company as we continue to innovate and make design education accessible to a broader audience.

6. Why did you choose this industry over any other space?
I chose to work in this industry because of my deep appreciation for design and its impact on our daily lives. Design is a powerful tool that shapes our environment, influences our experiences, and fuels innovation. Being a part of the design education space allows me to contribute to the growth and development of aspiring designers, empowering them to pursue their passion and make a meaningful impact in the world. The opportunity to nurture creativity, bridge the gap in design education, and witness the transformation of individuals pursuing their dreams drew me to this industry.

7. Inspiring quote for aspiring youth?
Answer: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

8. Do you like participating in CSR initiatives, and what motivates you?
Yes, I am passionate about participating in CSR initiatives. What motivates me is the opportunity to positively impact society and contribute to causes that align with our values. CSR allows us to give back to the community, support underprivileged individuals, and promote equal opportunities in design education. Making a difference beyond our business operations and fostering a sense of social responsibility is incredibly fulfilling.
Would you like to name a few people who helped you the most in your professional upliftment (Just names, no designation or companies needed? It could be a small way to thank them)
As a marketer who has marketed to Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, and now to Gen Aplha, one needs to absorb much information and keep oneself updated. Al Ries, Jack Trout,  Philip Kotler, and Edward De Bono have greatly inspired and taught me. In the digital and artificial intelligence-powered marketing era, Prof . Sarvanna Jaikumar from IIM Calcutta is a significant influence.

9. Could you elaborate on your challenges while establishing and retaining?
Establishing and retaining a presence in the design education industry has its fair share of challenges. Market competition from established ed-tech platforms forced us to differentiate ourselves by focusing specifically on design education and enlisting renowned designers as mentors. Building trust and credibility as a new player required transparent communication, detailed course information, and student testimonials. Balancing affordability and quality, we made excellent design education accessible through technology optimization. Engaging students through interactive materials, live classes, and internship opportunities ensured retention. Scaling operations and infrastructure to meet growing demands involved strategic planning and team expansion. By addressing these challenges, we have established a strong presence in the industry, retained a satisfied student base, and remain committed to providing accessible, high-quality design education.
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