Meet the 10-year-old very talented Aarna Phougat little designer who debuted her clothes all sizes at NYFW

NYFW always surprises us with the extraordinary talent it possesses. The class, the charm, the outfits it creates, cannot be found anywhere else. Hundreds of designers show their incredible skills and designs to make the fashion world worthy of following.

At the recent show of NYFW powered by HiTechMODA, Mother-daughter designer duo Anjali Phougat and Aarna Phougat displayed their mind-blowing luxury designs for their label designer dream collection, leaving the audience’s jaw dropped.

The combination of the classy and elegance designs was elegantly unique. The first time someone displayed Indian jewelry with couture gowns stylishly and gracefully.

From the sleeves and necklines of the outfits to the overall look, everything is designed to attract the eyes and designed for all shapes and sizes of women.

collection – bedazzled the day is born to dedicate the life of a royal queen, her vision was to portray rays of hope and dazzle through her collection and spread a sprinkle of happiness on earth after the pandemic and we used recycled fabrics to most of the designs in this collection.

Anjali Phougat once more impressed the audience with his different kind of style. Everyone loved the designs and appreciated them for showcasing mother-daughter bond, diversity and sustainability.

The environment the models created while wearing those incredible outfits was inspiring for all shapes and sizes of people. The whole hall was attentive. All the dresses were extraordinary yet unique and glamorous.

The color combination was chosen very carefully and their was spark in the collection which portrayed Aarna’s vision so beautifully.

Lynn Hetherington joined Anjali’s team and showcased her beautiful boots and hairpieces to complete the looks. Fashion shows, especially of that caliber are always a team work.

Models and hair and makeup team travelled all the way from different places to help. Makeup & hair was done by Josie’s face & glam squad, Kratika Jain, Yaradis, Mehwish Mahmood and Leone’s trinity designs hair styling team

Styling department was handled by Anjali Phougat and jesruzicstylist

Photo and video Photographer: @3dm_photography Dysheen Davis @slavenvlasicphoto Mrs. India’s dream girl USA Prerna Gupta opened the show and showstopper kavya closed the show but each model looked extravagant and the auditorium was full of applause from the audience.
Raj Roshan supported the music mixing department and Alijendra provided all the models with backstage assistance.
Mrs India USA Shalini Sharad Madan joined with Arpita gedam, Sheetal Krovi, Aparna Krovi, Mamtha Puttaswamy, Radhika Rane, Apeaksha, Varsha Paul, Astika Gupta, Komal Khatri, Komal Bhagat, Mona Sharma, Mounika Siriguppi, Hrithik, Kartika Jain, Rohini Kulkarni, Rashmi Singh, Smita ronghe and Sonia Bakshi.
Being a model is not as easy as some people think and all the models were epitome of grace and elegance on the stage.
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