Jaipur Watch Company, backed by Marwari Catalysts, has raised their first round of funding

Mr. Ankur Mishra (Director- Central Academy Jodhpur Education Society), Mr. Tushar Kapoor (Director- Kapsons), Dexter Angels, and Marwari Catalysts participated in the first round of funding for Jaipur Watch Company, a luxury custom-built watch brand.

Since childhood, the founder of Jaipur Watch Company, Gaurav Mehta, was very fond of watches and collect coins as a hobby.

Combining both these interests, Gaurav started the Jaipur Watch Company in 2013. Headquartered in Jaipur, the luxury watch brand combines luxury and tradition in manufacturing watches using craftsmanship from coins collected from the British era.

The startup would utilize the funds to extend its digital platform and expand deeper into marketplaces and new locations internationally while enhancing its inventory.

Jaipur Watch Company, India’s first custom Watch Company, believes strongly in the ‘Make in India’ mission and offers an elegant handcrafted limited-edition range of timeless pieces that emanate tradition with a slight hint of contemporary design.

“The Indian watch industry is a developing industry with a market size of Rs 10,000 crore, Today’s watch collectors are looking beyond the large brands, preferring to spend their money on personalised timepieces with monograms, insignia, flags, coins, and so on. And it is this specialised market that the Jaipur Watch Company is aiming for with its one-of-a-kind items.”

says Gaurav Mehta, Founder of Jaipur Watch Company.

“The new money will multiply the startup’s efforts to substantially grow our reach and introduce our capabilities to more markets and regions.” Jaipur Watch Company, which is being accelerated by Marwari Catalysts and supported by Dexter Angels, will undoubtedly set new milestones in the luxury watch business around the world.”

Gaurav continues,

Gaurav faced numerous hurdles as a first-generation entrepreneur. The first was to meet working capital requirements, as this industry requires a lot of capital.

The second difficulty was to build a strong industry network by hiring the right people for the right role. The third step was to enter the luxury watch market, which was not a popular idea in India.

But today, he is proud of his decision and the numbers speak for themselves.

“Gaurav Mehta has integrated luxury and handcrafted limited edition coin watches flawlessly into the company called Jaipur Watch Company.” I am thrilled to be leading the funding round for them and working alongside him on this adventure. I hope that this platform will soon become a modern and highly relevant leader in the Indian and global luxury sector.”

Ankur Mishra, Director-Central Academy Jodhpur Education Society, on his investment in Jaipur Watch Brand, says,

Jaipur Watch Company was chosen from 300 startups in the accelerator’s most recent D2C cohort by Marwari Catalysts.

“Jaipur Watch Company was formed out of a real passion for coins and watches, And it is prepared to expand its global ambitions following this latest round of funding. It’s been an incredible adventure thus far, and we’re extremely pleased of the incredible community of collectors who have become a part of Jaipur Watch Company.”

says Sushil Sharma, Founder & CEO, Marwari Catalysts.

“Jaipur Watch Company has made its own route in one of the most traditional sectors by bringing forward such a unique concept of a coin watch that has completely redefined Luxury watches.” Gaurav Mehta also provides the leadership calibre and experience required to capitalise on this enormous market potential.”

Devendra Agarwal (Dexter Angels) comments on the capital raise,

Indeed, the company has definitely moved on from the days when the only function of a watch was to tell the time.

It now represents the wearer’s particular style and personality. And Jaipur Watch Company exemplifies this.
In terms of future plans, there are plans of opening flagship stores in Jaipur and Delhi soon.
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