QYOU Media India launches its direct-to-consumer app, Q PLAY

QYOU Media India currently reaches over 125 million viewers weekly on Q branded content channels.

In a sustained effort to expand its media business rapidly, India’s youngest and fastest-growing entertainment network, QYOU Media India launches its first direct-to-consumer app, Q PLAY.

Available to download on the Google Play store and directly on Smart TVs and mobile devices, the free app offers all five QYOU Media India channels and going forward will be the digital destination for the network’s upcoming content.

The ad-supported download-and-watch app can be simply downloaded without any registration hassle.

  • consolidates digital exclusive content to deepen audience engagement
  • designed for ‘Frictionless Download and Play’, Q PLAY offers all five QYOU Media India channels on Smart TVs and mobile devices

India’s Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) model has exploded in growth over the last several years. It is expected to grow exponentially and reach a value of $100 Billion by 2025.

Much of this is being driven by the mass adoption of social media and the use of influencer marketing as direct conduits to young Indian consumers. QYOU Media India currently reaches over 125 million viewers weekly on Q branded content channels.

The company has a goal of driving that number to 200 million in the next 3 to 6 months. Q PLAY is intended to exploit that audience scale in order to establish a direct interaction between the company and its user base.

Q PLAY will also leverage its enormous number of blue-chip advertiser brand relationships, as well as the newly announced data initiative, to mine data from all methods of distribution, resulting in higher monetization through more tailored content and ad campaigns.

Q PLAY currently carries QYOU Media India’s five channels – The Q, Q Marathi, The Q Kahaniyan, The Q Comedistaan, and the most recently launched Q GAMEX.

All channels feature content that is based upon QYOU Media India’s unique programming approach highlighting the best content from social media creators and digital media stars.

With Q PLAY, unique, fresh, relatable, and exciting content will be found in one app, one destination, with many newer channels set to be added in the future.

“The launch of Q PLAY opens a myriad of new possibilities. It enables us to be independent in addition to relying upon third-party platforms for distribution. The launch of this app will further deepen our audience engagement as it tries to bridge the need gap for relatable and entertaining content. We are thrilled to launch Q PLAY into the market. While it will take us time to build and grow our user base, Q PLAY is the tip of the spear around our digital objective to create a growing one-on-one customer relationship around our brand.”

Krishna Menon, Chief Operating Officer, QYOU Media India, said,

About QYOU Media

QYOU Media, one of the fastest growing creator-media companies, is based in India and the United States, where it produces, distributes, and monetizes content made by social media influencers and digital content stars.
In India, we curate, produce, and distribute premium content through television networks, VOD and OTT platforms, mobile phones, smart TVs, and app-based platforms under our flagship brand, The Q.
We currently offer five emerging content destinations that reach over 125 million Indian households on a weekly basis: The Q (mass entertainment), Q Marathi (regional content), The Q Kahaniyan (animated content), The Q Comedistaan (comedy focused), and our newest Q-GameX. (live gaming).
Chtrbox, our influencer marketing firm, has been a pioneer in India’s creative economy, harnessing analytics to connect companies with the proper social media influencers.
We enable large film studios, gaming publishers, and brands in the United States to create content and advertise it through creators and influencers.
QYOU Media, founded and produced by industry veterans from Lionsgate, MTV, Disney, and Sony, delivers millennial and Gen Z-focused content to over one billion people worldwide each month.
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