In 2021 Hungary, these architectural happyily are a must-see!

The Hungary Synagogue of Dohany Street

In Hungary, these architectural nobles are a must-see from the Great Market Hall to the Gellért Hotel and Baths.

In 1844, the Jewish community of Neolog in Pest took up Dohány Street to build its approximately 30 000 members’ new synagogue. The chosen architect was Ludwig Förster (born German), of whom the Moorish temple was erected at the time in Leopoldtstadt, Vienna.

This is one of the most prominent synagogues on the earth, with no fewer than 2.964 sitters – the Dohány Synagogue (Dohány utcai zsinagóga), also known as Tabak-Shul. This tower is around 173 by 87 feet (53 x 26.5 m) in Budapest and has been designed to become an actual basilica with two balconies.

Great Market Hall

Close to the Danube River is one of the liveliest markets in Europe in the nineteenth century. Budapest flourished swiftly following the 1867 Act of Compromise when Hungary gained autonomy in the Austro-Hungarian empire. The old food distribution system was insufficient, and the city needed a new wholesale market.

The Great Market Hall is an asymmetrical façade designed by an army of architects, commanded by Samu Petz, and completed in 1897. The main window is patterned with brickworks and four smaller windows. There is a tiny tower at each end of the façade.

Budapest Aerodrome

The Budapest Aerodrome recalls the luxurious air travel world of the 1930s. Civil flying was the preserve of the very rich, and Budapest was a crossroads for Central Europe. When finished in 1937, an airfield like Dublin and Liverpool was considered one of the most modern in Europe. With its independent traffic system and modern building of departures, the scheme was necessary when engineers and architects started creating a new architectural design — the civil traffic airport.

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