House of Goldsmith: Representing India in a small piece of art and customizing miniature art

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Ms. Shefali Verma, Director, House of Goldsmith

House of Goldsmith was started in 2021 post lockdown to make people save more in the Gold industry by launching minimalist jewelry and light weighted everyday wear in 22 – 10 carats. Our forte would be working on the designs defining India and its culture to its Architectural designs and representing India in a small piece of art, and customizing miniature art by the best of best artists in the jewelry market.

1) What does your company do? Your role in it?

Ans) Our Company has been a jewellery manufacturer and retailer for the last 70 years. Shefali Verma handles the jewelry design part of the collection and the selection of gems as she co-founded House of Goldsmith.

2) Evolution in the past few years in your industry. Your contribution to the betterment?

Ans) Gold price is incremented, indirectly making sales minimalist and a little bent towards the wealthiest section of society. My contribution to the betterment will be making minimalist jewelry that is low in price, light in weight, easy to wear, and affordable.

3) Any Success routine you would like to suggest

Ans) Routine: Balancing your thoughts from the past and future by doing Yoga.

4) How did the company raise funding, or are you looking forward to the same?

Ans) It’s a self-funding thing. Yes, I’m looking forward to the expansion of the House Of Goldsmith and looking forward to funding also.

5) Why did you choose this industry over any other space?

Ans) Born into the jewelry family was the biggest motivation to enter this industry. I saw my father making jewelry designs on pieces of paper as a fantastic artist and jewelry designer. I learned creativity from him.

6) Inspiring quote for aspiring youth.

Ans) Reset. Restart. Refocus as many times as you need to.

7) Do you like participating in CSR initiatives, and what motivates you?
Ans) I keep myself connected to society and work on causes that seek my attention. Lately, I have had my heart ache for the mental illness. I talk to and try counseling many people going through mental issues.
8) Would you like to name a few people who helped you the most in your professional upliftment (Just names, no designation or companies needed? It could be a small way to thank them)
Ans) My staff Rajesh is accommodating, and I have been learning from him.
9) Could you elaborate on your challenges while establishing and retaining?
Ans) Challenges in the establishment are never-ending. Every day you come across one or the other challenge. I.E.:
  • Management with the staff via training them again n again.
  • Handling stock and auditing the store every day is a challenge.
  • Customer satisfaction is our main concern. We make sure to provide them with complimentary services.
Prittle Prattle News composed this article as an Interview.
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