Jaipur-Delhi-Agra E-Highway to be Geo Fenced by NHEV with UNL Global

The project would conduct its second phase TECH-Trail Run in September 2022 between Delhi and Jaipur, to showcase the technical capabilities of India’s upcoming E-Highways.

New Delhi, June 27.2022: Jaipur-Delhi-Agra E-Highway to be geofenced so that Electric Vehicles on this route could run on a theft-proof relay model, just like Goa and European countries where tourists can get cars without any drivers present. Similarly, Tourists and Users traveling on Jaipur-Delhi-Agra E-Highways could avail this facility with Electric Vehicles.

To make these highways theft-proof and under 24×7 breakdown service surveillance, geo-fencing work of this highway is being done by various geospatial tech companies in association with National Highways for EV, an e-mobility pilot by India’s leading Tech-Piloting Agency EoDB Services OPC.

UNL Global collaborated with NHEV to participate in this pilot for making E-Highways geo-fenced and complete it by end of this year and add a state-of-the-art EV-ready infrastructure for over-increasing numbers of E-Vehicles on this expressway.

UNL is a next-gen smart micro-location and mapping platform, building the Internet of Places. UNL enables businesses to create Virtual Private Maps at the push of a button and tap into mapping, location, and data tools to build a highly scalable location-based applications.

“With UNL we have pixelized the world to digitize physical locations and solve some of the biggest challenges in mapping, starting with reliable addressing and accurate geocoding. We give every location a unique verifiable digital address –a UNL geoID.

On ground, indoor or up in elevation, the UNL geoIDs can address locations with a micro-precision of up to 1x1cm².Our grid introduces a standardized approach to the way we store, manage, update and share hyperlocal data across platforms that is more cost and time efficient. With the various do-it-yourself tools available, businesses can create their own custom Virtual Private Maps, bring and manage their own data, tap into their workforce experience regarding local navigation and train their own UNL private routers for optimal efficiency”, said Xander Van DerHeijden, CEO & Founder, UNL Global.

“NHEV is the first of its kind project and is bound to revolutionize the manner in which we design e-highway and build EV infrastructure to contribute to the Central Government leadership vision to Reform, Perform and Transform. UNL is excited and honoured to be an onboarded supplier and Technology Provider for the TECH-Trail Run 2”, Van Der Heijden added.

Mr Abhijeet Sinha, Project Director, NHEV said, “As India forges ahead with an ambitious plan to achieve clean and green surface transport, and provide world-class facilities to the e-highway users, NHEV’s association with UNL is bound to unlock the potential of the best available technology and services to the Indian customer. UNL is building the Internet of Places – a digital 1:1 geo-data twin to transform places into the next digital platform, enabling us to interact with stations, vehicles, Road Side Assistance (RSA) services in real-time. This will allow us to bring forward a new generation of hyper local services, from e-commerce and last-mile delivery to smart mobility and autonomous solutions.”

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