Schneider Electric advances customer business uptime with next generation EcoStruxure Service Plan for Three-Phase UPS 10-40 kVA

This Service Plan provides peace of mind with tailored packages that meet current maintenance challenges
Condition-based maintenance reduces unplanned downtime, extends asset life, and enhances overall operational efficiency
24/7 support provided by Field Services & the Connected Service Hub experts that remotely monitor asset health assets & systems while maximizing uptime and minimizing operating costs

Mumbai, India, July 4, 2022 – Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation today announced the enhanced EcoStruxure Service Plan for 10-40 kVA Three-Phase Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) offering.
First introduced in 2021, EcoStruxure Service Plan combines traditional onsite services with digital capabilities powered by our IoT-enabled EcoStruxure architecture and provides our customers with 24/7 remote and on-site expertise & support. With this service plan, condition-based maintenance is provided, meaning, the right maintenance at the right time and when needed and not a traditional calendar-based maintenance approach, while contributing to:
Up to 75%* electrical failure risk mitigated, minimizing unplanned downtime
Up to 40%* maintenance activities and planned downtime reduced with strong financial impact
Up to 25%* asset’s life extension

Digital acceleration has pushed for an increased pressure over an efficient IT management as never before and maintaining properly related assets part of an IT infrastructure is critical to assure uptime. As technology innovations in services can contribute significantly to achieve operational excellence, EcoStruxure Service Plan for Three-Phase UPS 10-40 kVA provides a tailored mix of on-site services, digital services and consulting.

By allowing customers to choose the best plan that reflects their individual needs, it helps Data Center managers, IT managers, and Facility Managers transforming their operations with a digital-led condition-based service plan with the following benefits and features:
24/7 expert remote monitoring: our Connected Services Hub experts remotely monitor the health of the connected assets and provide recommendations on how to optimize performance with customized monthly reports and annual consultation.
Visibility with mobile app: EcoStruxure IT app enables remote monitoring that is accessible right in the palm of the customer’s hands and with an online chat feature, significantly maximizing resilience and uptime for efficient site operations.

Condition-based maintenance: By monitoring the connected to the cloud UPS, it monitors proactively health status, allowing to mitigate any potential issues, reducing unscheduled and unnecessary downtime, optimizing site operations, and improving safety for operators and equipment.

Total Cost of Ownership Reduced: Avoid budgetary challenges by knowing when your battery may fail, take action to extend system & component life including battery.
“We are committed to helping our customers build future-proof business resilience by equipping them with solutions that enable full control over the reliability of essential operations, and the ability to detect and resolve faults at pace,” said Frederic Godemel, EVP of Power Systems & Services at Schneider Electric.

“Harnessing the combined power of our EcoStruxure platform with remote consultancy and on-site and dynamic maintenance offerings, we hope to empower them with not only the right tools but the flexibility to customize the support that best suits their individual business needs.”
The enhanced service plan offering covers low & medium voltage equipments, power management systems and now a range of Three-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) 10-40 kVA for IT or industrial applications: Easy-UPS 3S, Galaxy VS, Symmetra PX (up to 48kVA), Smart-UPS VT, and Galaxy 3500.​​

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