Barracuda enhances its XDR capabilities to better serve Managed Service Providers

Through improved integration, the addition of SOAR, and other enhancements, the enhanced detection and response service offering significantly empowers MSP partners.


Barracuda introduces interaction between Barracuda CloudGen Firewall and Barracuda XDR, as well as mapping detection rules with the MITRE ATT&CK(R) architecture, to address detection gaps rapidly.

The integration of Barracuda XDR and CloudGen Firewall allows managed service providers (MSPs) to obtain visibility and insights while also increasing productivity with 24×7 SOC services.

Barracuda’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is being enhanced with Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) to ensure faster response time.

Barracuda, a trusted partner and leading provider of cloud-first security solutions, announced today the integration of Barracuda CloudGen Firewall and Barracuda XDR; threat detection rule mapping against the MITRE ATT&CK(TM) framework; and the addition of Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capabilities to its Security Operations Center (SOC).

The heightened threat scenario has produced a climate in which an attack is no longer a matter of ‘if,’ but rather ‘when.’

Barracuda researchers identified and studied 106 widely known ransomware attacks in the last year and discovered that the leading targets are still in five key industries: education, municipalities, healthcare, infrastructure, and banking.

The amount of ransomware attacks across these five industrial verticals grew year over year, and assaults against other industries more than doubled compared to last year.

Spear phishing is also becoming more common. According to a new Barracuda research, Spear Phishing: Top Threats and Trends Vol. 7, the typical user is a victim of spear phishing small business employee with less than 100 employees will experience 350% more social engineering attacks than an employee of a larger enterprise.

With cyberattacks increasing in frequency and sophistication, having standalone security solutions is no longer sufficient for partners to protect their customers effectively.

Partners must assist organisations to achieve the basic cybersecurity hygiene demanded by today’s climate in order to be successful.
Because hackers labour around the clock, cybersecurity hygiene includes proactive monitoring with enhanced visibility, concentric rings of security levels, and 24×7 detection and reaction.
Partners may gain visibility and insights by offering 24×7 SOC services and boost productivity by removing product silos, mitigating alert fatigue, and streamlining the management of their customers’ environments with the new interface between Barracuda XDR and CloudGen Firewall.
The new detection rule mapping to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework offers the Barracuda SOC team with recommendations and the ability to quickly address detection gaps.
The addition of SOAR to the Barracuda SOC architecture enables faster response time, streamlines operations, and, most crucially, better protection in the event of a cyberattack.
In 2021, Barracuda bought SKOUT Cybersecurity to help partners with their security products.
Barracuda has integrated the Barracuda email protection portfolio, and now the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, with Barracuda XDR services during the last year.
Endpoint Security, Email Security, Cloud Security, Network Security, and Server Security are all included in the Barracuda XDR offering, allowing partners to construct security services that correspond with today’s corporate contexts and provide holistic cybersecurity-as-a-service to their clients.


“We’re always seeking for ways to enable partners, and MSPs in particular, to take their businesses to the next level, and enabling them to confidently secure their clients’ environments is a critical part of that, We finished the integration of Barracuda XDR with our email protection offering earlier this year.” By integrating the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall with Barracuda XDR, mapping detection rules to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and adding SOAR to our SOC infrastructure, we can now provide comprehensive visibility across multiple attack surfaces through the Barracuda XDR dashboard while increasing the speed of detection and response time through our SOC.”

said Neal Bradbury, SVP, MSP Business at Barracuda.

“As the total threat landscape evolves, firms’ security requirements must evolve as well.” Customers expect us to provide complete security services that prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks as an MSP. Most managed service providers are not designed for this. The Barracuda XDR solution unifies data from our security stacks into a single dashboard view, providing us with the visibility we need to proactively monitor our customers’ infrastructure. Its security specialists and established SOC are a major differentiator on which we can rely to expand our service to provide 24×7 detection and response,”

stated Richard Flanders, Customer Strategy Director, Aura Technology.

About Barracuda

Barracuda is dedicated to making the world a safer place. We think that every company should have access to cloud-first, enterprise-grade security solutions that are simple to purchase, implement, and operate.
With creative solutions that develop and adapt to our customers’ journey, we protect email, networks, data, and apps.
More than 200,000 organisations worldwide rely on Barracuda to defend them – in ways they may not even realise they are vulnerable — so they can focus on growing their businesses.
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