TEDx speaker, Aditi Surana launches the widely popular ‘Absolutely Write’ podcast as ‘The Aditi Surana Show’

Aditi will share some insights, learnings, and ideas with the listeners during the show.

TEDx, This season promises to be a fantastic mix of real-life experiences and coaching sessions with high performers from a variety of backgrounds.

Aditi Surana, a renowned high-performance coach, behavioural analyst, keynote speaker and podcaster, writer, art enthusiast, and founder of India’s first mental gym, APT (Aspire Perform Transform), has recently launched the second season of her extremely popular podcast ‘Absolutely Write’ in a brand new avatar.

The once-weekly podcast, renamed ‘The Aditi Surana Show – Think Like A High Performer,’ aims to teach listeners from amazing people who are phenomenal leaders and high achievers in their respective areas.

It will assist people in embracing ideas that will enable them to think like a high performance and survive despite the most difficult circumstances that they may confront throughout their lives.

‘Absolutely Write,’ which debuted in 2020, has more than 230 episodes to its credit. It was India’s first and only graphology-based podcast at the time, with a following of over 50,000 people.

‘The Aditi Surana Show – Think Like A High Performer,’ the new season of the podcast, promises to decode the minds of some remarkable high performers who have successfully made a mark on the world, giving the audience a chance to learn from their experiences and imbibe the lessons these personalities have learned.

The new season will have an intriguing style in which she will train her guests in addition to the interview format to provide her listeners with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Aditi will share some insights, learnings, and ideas with the listeners during the show in order to broaden their horizons and help them attain their full creative potential.

To make the podcast more interesting, the conversations will be conducted in Hinglish for the first time this season.

The first episode of the show, featuring renowned Indian novelist, speaker, cartoonist, and mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik, has already aired, and the reaction has been positive.

In this episode, Devdutt is shown in an engrossing conversation with Aditi, in which he goes deeper into Indian mythology and provides his opinion on myths, facts, and, most importantly, how one looks at and understands Indian mythology.

“Fact is everybody’s truth, fiction is nobody’s truth, and myth is somebody’s truth. This also implies that more individuals equals more faces to the truth. Another fact is that everything in India is contextual. Culture and ideals were passed on verbally in ancient times through art, noises, and so on, while the concept of writing arrived later. This resulted in individuals having their own beliefs and believing that their beliefs are true. In actuality, one’s belief may be a myth for someone else because it is based on a limited truth.”

Devdutt Pattanaik said on the show,

“It was enlightening to learn Aditi’s take on why individuals behave in a specific way and how handwriting might represent someone’s personality, he said of the talk. It was an incredible experience recording the first episode, and I eagerly await the next ones.”

“A few months ago, I decided to commit myself to the greater notion of making India mentally fit.” And in order to become mentally fit, we need some role models in our lives who are doing something unique and distinct. The Aditi Surana Show – Think Like A High Performer’ is a completely new rendition with a completely different name and attitude. We will be speaking in Hinglish for the first time, and the conversations will remain genuine and authentic. My guests are not only outstanding achievers who motivate us, but their tales and bodies of work are so astounding that they urge us to push ourselves beyond our limits. I hope that this podcast can assist people in finding motivation and developing the correct mindset to work optimally. Furthermore, each episode is meticulously prepared to provide the audience with an excellent auditory experience while listening and learning.”

Aditi Surana said of the podcast’s revival,
Every week, new episodes of ‘The Aditi Surana Show – Think Like A High Performer’ will be released. Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Apple Podcasts, or visit to listen every Wednesday.

About Aditi Surana:

Aditi Surana, the founder of APT mental gym, is a world-class high-performance coach, behavioural analyst, keynote speaker, and podcaster.
She has coached over 40000 people and has 20 years of expertise coaching high achievers, top-level management, and business leaders.
Aditi was the official high performance coach at Femina Miss India 2022, where she trained the winners Sini Shetty, Rubal Shekhawat, and Shinata Chauhan.
Aditi spoke in a TEDx event held at IIM Sambalpur 2022. She conducts two podcasts, ‘Daily Mental Fit Bit’ and ‘Absolutely Write’ (formerly called The Aditi Surana Show), which have a combined global listenership of 70,000+. During the epidemic, her social activities on ‘anti anxiety’ influenced almost 20,000 participants.
Aditi’s trademark high-performance coaching modules produce measurable results. bootcamps & APT mental gym.
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