Asian law college hosted a panel discussion on ‘The Entrepreneurial Edge in Legal Domain’

Ms. Shreya Sharma, Founder, and CEO, of Rest the Case, was invited to share her journey and views on the topic.

Shreya Sharma, CEO & Founder of Rest The Case, was recently invited as the Guest of Honour and speaker at the Asian Law College, Asian Education Group (AEG), Noida. The college organized an orientation for the new students joining the college this academic year. The orientation was organized to give insights and a brief introduction to the courses and programs. As part of the orientation, the college also hosted a Panel Discussion on the topic ‘The Entrepreneurial Edge in Legal Domain.’ Ms. Shreya was invited to provide her valuable insight into the panel discussion.

Owing to her experience of going for an unconventional route of starting her own business in the legal domain, Shreya could provide excellent advice and insight to the students on the topic at hand. While addressing the students, Shreya spoke about her education in the UK, where she studied law at Cardiff University. She highlighted the difference in the style of teaching and how they always concentrated on what you can learn and not really on what you can earn, and when you learn like that, you see the subject very differently.

When talking about being an entrepreneur, Shreya talked about the importance of putting things into action. She firmly believes that being an entrepreneur has a lot to do with taking action, and you do require experience to know how a company should be run, but that will only happen when you actually run it. You don’t actually know how sour or sweet the lemon is till you have tasted it yourself; because of this, Shreya decided to start her company right out of college.

Shreya said, “I started Rest The Case because when I was studying outside India, I saw how easily available legal services were available for people online. It made accessibility to law extremely easy, and that is my plan with Rest The Case, to make the law accessible to everyone. Be it legal information, legal services, documentation, or everything in one place. Rest The Case is one of a kind platform that helps makes law simple and operative. There was a purpose I saw that I wanted to solve, and we work tirelessly every day to make it possible.”

In the end, the Panel also had an interesting interactive session with the students, where Shreya and other panelists shared their views and thoughts with the students.

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