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Mindfulness: The New-Age Mantra, Wisdom as you age

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Worked like an old charm. I've been on the another side of the fence for most of my life laughing at this whole concept and dismissing it as a cheap gimmick.

By Vanessa Pereira

Mindfulness: The New-Age Mantra

Worked like an old charm. I’ve been on another side of the fence for most of my life, laughing at this whole concept and dismissing it as a cheap gimmick. What made me cross the bridge, you ask? It was organic. Wisdom as you age, if you resonate with that. Is mind full or Mindful? The journey begins with that question. Emptying the mind is an extremely harrowing experience. Unloading the thoughts burdening you and simplifying your life is an exhilarating process. The initial procedure is to Focus on the ‘Here & Now’ rather than dwelling in the past or fretting about the future. I learned this life lesson in my teen years as I trekked up to One Tree Hill in Matheran. The uphill climb seemed daunting as we stood at the bottom of the hillock, and the lazy bones in me wanted to swap the trek with a train ride.

As we searched our way through the twists and turns, I realized it was really about just taking that one step in front of you and enjoying the sights and smells along the way. Before you know it, you’ve reached the beautiful hilltop humming along to live’s tunes. Enjoy every moment as you live it. Form a Morning Routine. Erratic mornings shake my sense of balance, which usually leaves me rattled for a couple of hours. If I can’t control external factors, I can certainly choose what I would love to wake up to. Mine is simple- a workout routine to a curated setlist followed by a relaxing shower with reflection and topped with a hearty breakfast and fun banter. It has become sacrosanct, and it sets a precedent for my day. Awaken all your senses one by one -Physical, Intellectual, and the Soul. What is your morning routine? If you have one, try to improve it. If you don’t have one, build it. It will give you a wonderful sense of fulfillment at the beginning of the day.

Watch what you eat. Don’t worry; I’m not selling any diet. I mean it literally- watch what you eat, chew slowly, and enjoy the wholesome food you eat. Do not, for the love of God, watch Netflix or Youtube, and eat mindlessly. Besides the fact that you won’t end up overeating, you will enjoy some peaceful time with yourself or some genuine family time. This mantra also works wonders for your relationships. So, put those phones and remote controls away and partake in the wonderful meal in front of you. Of course, if it’s healthy, it’s like icing on the cake (pun intended). Speak the Language of Love and communication will be mindful. Communication can be anguishing with your family and team members when you operate from a war zone. Everyone has their inner demons and external battles to fight, and you don’t want to add to that list. Breathe. Literally and Figuratively. Focus on every breath you take and take a step back. However, don’t retreat into your shell. Use this time to introspect and then pick that conversation again, this time, from a place of love. Practice, Practice, Practice! Eventually, it will come to you naturally conveyed this to Prittle Prattle News.

Your body needs to wind down just as it warms up in the morning. Respect the cycle. So, here is my last hack Bedtime Ritual. I have consciously stopped browsing through all social media content before I hit the sack. It’s distracting and disturbing too, at times. Do whatever it takes to relax your consciousness and empty your thoughts before you drift off to sound sleep. Soothing music works for me. Try to avoid high energy activities like planning your next day or checking emails. This is ‘your’ time and just let go of everything. As we sit on the edge of our parapets watching the world reboot, hit the reset button on the stress in your lives. Let’s go back to our roots and our childhood lessons; there is a lot of wisdom in history. Maybe, just maybe, this is the respite you asked for and here is the opportunity to create that version 2.0 of yourself that you always wanted to.

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