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Jui Patil, an Architecture, opens up about the struggling journey

"And I won't let you get me down; Ill keep getting up when I hit the ground, Oh, never give up, never give up, no-no-no."

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Jui Patil, an Architecture, opens up about the struggling journey

“And I won’t let you get me down; Ill keep getting up when I hit the ground, Oh, never give up, never give up, no-no-no.”

This song by Sia is always on top of my playlist in the car. My life has exactly been like this for a decade. Having been born as a notorious kid but extremely passionate about houses since 10yrs of age, I had decided I wanted to be an architect when I was 15. We have all played teacher-teacher as a game in childhood. In my case, both these dreams didn’t just remain dreams. Little did the ten-year-old me know that I would achieve these dreams in the next 20 years!

A backbencher in school, a part of all notorious, unacceptable activities of those times, I always managed to pass with good grades, so the balance of my life was there in my blood since childhood. Having scored 88% in 10th, getting admission further in good colleges was not a problem. College years rolled away quickly. I am proud to say that I have lived an extreme college life, did all types of nonsense, and then graduated as an Architect.

A little bit of stubbornness and an attitude to never take bullshit, made me step out of the job culture very soon after my graduation. My independent nature and the leadership quality inside me gave rise to the formation of my Architecture and Interior designing company JRarchitects successfully in the year 2011, parallel to my active status. I love meeting new people, making new friends, and gelling with people around has never been difficult for me. That’s how I developed a vast network of people in the profession by the time I started my venture.

Initial days of meeting people and getting new clients were like a battle. An industry dominated by men, most of the meetings used to be with men from different backgrounds and cultures. 90% of the sessions would end up by some flirtatious, obscene, and cheesy remarks, which would have got nothing to do with the work being discussed. A lone woman is treated as an opportunity, and a woman so new in the profession is even more easily accessible is what the mentality of such men is. Unwanted good morning messages, adverse discussions over coffee in the name of work, unwanted travel in the name of site visits, and then flower bouquets, chocolates, and wine to go a step further. All this drove me to tears with every failed meeting being converted into this. Years passed, and I learned to live with this. I learned to draw boundaries, and I learned that all the smartphones these days are equipped with a “BLOCK” function.

Now with the portfolio so strong, men think twice before even talking to me. I have learned from my mistakes, and now the way I conduct my meetings are different. The man in front of me knows that any remark will undoubtedly lead to even a punch on his face.

These troublesome years passed, and I learned to ignore such things. Due to God’s grace, hard work, and the goal-driven attitude, my company has a vast portfolio of completed interior and architecture projects. Fame followed with this; I got published in various media portals, newspapers, magazines, etc. And of course, jealousy followed more. It is funny how many intense methods have been tried by numerous people around to pull me down, but every time I just stood out healthier. Going through a lot of struggle in my professional front, which I have mentioned in many of my interviews, I have learned the taste of success in a super-hard way. Hence I have always been extremely encouraging to startups or people around who are struggling. I try my best to help them.

Parallel to my practice in Architecture and Interiors, I had started a career in teaching, which was my childhood dream, as mentioned above. I am a visiting faculty for 4 years now in Architecture and Interior designing colleges, examiner, and juror for university exams. I love to teach, and I tend to put all the time and effort into researching and doing the necessary homework of the subject I have been assigned.

My message to all the readers, especially women, is that it’s a harsh world out there, but you need to get tough to survive. Just get up no matter how many times you fall and fight back. One lady friend writes this poem for me,

Oh, Tigress! My Tigress!
Strong and fierce
You walk and own the world
You smile and hold a million tears
Oh Tigress my tigress
You light up the hope of life
And take on the world with your head held high
You believe and make others feel
That everything is all right
The earth that grovels under your feet
The sky that twinkles with your eyes
You are one in a million
Independence and fidelity are your allies
Nothing can put you down
You stand firm and regal
Emitting peace, love, and power
Alone, but never lonely
Oh, Tigress, my Tigress
Thank you for reading!

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