Navratri, most celebrated festival!

Navratri: festivities would include music, narrative, recital, and discussion based on Tulsidas' Hindu classic Ramcharitmanas.

Most of India celebrates Navratri in various forms for a variety of reasons.

Navratri: Some people feast while others fast, yet they all revere Goddess Durga. Navratri celebrations include stage decorating, pandal decoration, and cultural activities. On the 10th day, known as Dusshera, the statues of the Goddess Durga are eventually immersed in some body of water.

This Navratri is known as Durga Puja in West Bengal and is the largest celebration in this region. Thousands of pandals, or temporary stages, are created in community squares, empty places, roadside shrines, and substantial Durga temples throughout West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, and eastern Nepal, Assam, and Tripura, and adjacent territories.

Some Shakta Hindus also observe it as a private, home-based festival. The Durga Puja festival commemorates Goddess Durga’s victory over the shape-shifting, deceptive, and powerful buffalo demon Mahishasura. In North India, numerous Ram-Leela shows or events are performed in which the story of Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana is enacted.

This event is held in the open air in villages and cities; it is held in community centers or temples. In 2008, UNESCO designated this Hindu to practice festival performing arts as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” According to UNESCO, the festivities would include music, narrative, recital, and discussion based on Tulsidas’ Hindu classic Ramcharitmanas.

This Ramleela is especially famous in Ayodhya, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Almora, Satna, and Madhubani, located in Uttar Uttarakhand, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh. Gujarat is another special place where Navratri is celebrated with zeal. During the nine days of fasting, people only consume liquids. The prayers are devoted to a clay pot known as Garbo as a memorial of the family’s and the universe’s womb.

The clay pot is ignited and is said to house a soul. Every evening, a cultural performance is held, and the dance genre that people perform is known as Garba.

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