Mr. Parag Patil’s name might not have the same glory or eminence now, but Senior Olympian Parag Patil has won 17 medals for the country

Parag Patil’s drive to the Olympics was anything but not easy. Having won two gold, eleven silver, and four bronze medals, he has the vision of accomplishing 100 citations in his name for the country. His sports journey is of patience and endurance.

Parag Patil started his athletic career in the year 1988. Having a dedicated and consistent practice for 22 years, in 2010, he finally got a chance to participate in the first veteran’s international athletic championship. It was held in Belewadi, where he won a silver medal for the country. This achievement was the turning point of his life. This medal boosted his confidence, and he never looked back since then.

Parag Patil is a determined person who refused to bow down to the ridicules and obstacles thrown his way. He was selected for the senior Olympics in 2013, also known as World Master Games, held in Torino, Italy. Due to a lack of funds and no sponsorship, he had to take a mortgage. Still, he could not afford his accommodation and food. Combating the situation, he won one silver and two bronze medals for the country. Since the prize money handed over to him by the government was not enough to pay his mortgage. It took him two years to repay all the debt.

In 2015, he again got a chance to participate in the Australian master games, which was held in Australia Adelaide. The history repeated itself. He had to face the financial issues again, but all these dire circumstances never affected his performance. He won two gold and two silver medals. In 2017 he participated in senior Olympics series 2 in Auckland, New Zealand.

He suffered a major knee injury, where it got badly twisted and was advised by the doctors for complete bed rest. But he had the enthusiasm and aspired to win the medal for the country. Without considering the pain, he participated in the competition held the next day and won a silver medal for the country.
In the year 2019, he participated Australia master Games. But unfortunately, he was ditched by the sponsors at the last moment. Just with a sheer amount of five thousand rupees equivalent to a hundred Australian dollars, he survived starving but still won four silver and one bronze medal. South Australia’s premier appreciated him for his enthusiasm. He is the first Indian athlete to receive such formal appreciation from the foreign government’s authority.

Now he has started his venture Maxfit India, which trains, people, from the age of 5 to 75 plus on general fitness and sports fitness. They have centers in Banglore and Mumbai. The second venture is Letszrun, which has a mission to empower and encourage the youth and senior citizens to participate in sports.

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