LGBTQ Pioneers!

For decades before equal marriage became legislation in the United States in 2015, gently but surely, the fight for LGBTQ rights had taken place. The progress we see today has been established by the generations of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer activists. 11 trailblazers are worth knowing, from politicians to television stars. 

  1. EDIE WINDSOR – The revocation by a woman from New York of Section 3 of the DOMA in 2013 impacted tens of thousands of pairs’ lives. In 2007, in Canada, Edith Windsor married 40 years old companion Thea Spyer. Although marriage is recognized above the border and in New York, American law prohibits women from reaping the same advantages in the United States as other married couples. When Spyer died in 2009 Windsor, felt this firsthand, leaving him without hope for exemption and with 363 000 dollars in property taxes. 
  2. ELLEN DEGENERES – In 1997, when Ellen DeGeneres confirmed she was homosexual, she created television history. The two-part special Ellen episode followed DeGeneres’ fictionality of the same name many hours after appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, following coming to the TIME magazine earlier this month. In the mid-1970, LGBTQ characters – exceptionally well-rounded, narrated characters – were essentially non-existent in prime time for Ellen as they were for the true comedian Ellen. The “Puppy Episode” opened the door for more TV productions with LGBTQ characters openly.
  3. BAYARD RUSTIN – In one of the largest marches of civil rights history, Bayard Rustin played an important role. He worked in Washington in 1963 with Martin Luther King Jr. and then turned his focuses on another cause in the 1980s. “The new barometer for societal transformation is the homosexuals,” he remarked in a 1986 address. Although his considerable involvement involved lobbying for adopting the LGBT rights law in New York and calling on NAACP to recognize the AIDS crisis, he died the following year. 

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