5 Agritech Startups Transforming the Indian Agriculture Sector using advanced technologies

AgriTech is the term being used for agriculture and technology using modern methods to enhance farming and to boost the agriculture sector. The advancements in Agri technologies have elevated the global economy for good and came out at a time when the world was undergoing multiple setbacks.

In 2020, farmers mitigated agriculture challenges like fragmented land holdings, seed and crop quality, availability of input, supply chain and storage, weather and climate risks, as well as soil nutrition. All these conflicts were solved using Agriculture Technologies solutions like high-tech drones, IoT devices and data analytics as suggested and initiated by some well known Agritech platforms: 

AgNext: With its unique deep-tech solutions, AgNext is poised to transform the Agri value chain at a global scale. Farmers benefit from our instant food quality assessment technology supported by AI-on-the-edge. In the traditional configuration, the farmer spends several months planting a crop. When he sells the crop, he will subjectively and manually analyse the quality of his food. This is a process with a high error rate. By using technology to standardise food quality inspections, farmers can ensure fair pricing of agricultural products and thus obtain higher profit margins. By developing innovative quality assessment algorithms, AgNext has created a fully integrated full-stack platform – Qualix, for assessing food quality and enabling digital trade across nodes in food value chains. With the advent of this AI-based testing device based on a proprietary Qualix platform, the time to Test spice quality was brought down from days on end to a little as 30 seconds. This came in clutch and as a huge relief to farmers in distress due to lengthy testing periods and unfair prices.

Unnati – Unnati is a fintech powered agritech platform, which is powering farm entrepreneurs and bringing efficiencies to their businesses via digital technologies. The startup addresses the issues that farmers in the country face owing to a lack of knowledge and resources. From Unnati banking services to crop-specific advisory, the brand reaches out to the farmer at every step of the farming life-cycle and works with them to create a sustainable future.  Unnati’s predictive farming model is shaping the future of farming with its sophisticated technology. The model helps the farmers in making precise decisions which are based on over 200 parameters drawn from satellite information, transaction history, farmer’s pattern, soil information, and weather information among others. Learning from historical and future data based on measured variables massively impacts efficiencies and processes. Unnati’s platform helps the farmers in identifying the best times for sowing, tracking the health of their crops throughout their cycle, identifying moisture pattern of crops, identifying nutrient movement and behaviour, and predicting when and where the crops need protection products, all across varying conditions in the field. Unnati platform also helps the farmers to sell their produce with maximum profitability. Unnati is empowering farmers through the way of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) and is enabling them with tech led business solutions enhancing their economic strengths and marketing linkages for improving their income. Unnati is equipping the Digital FPOs to leverage their collective strengths and bargaining power to access financial and non-financial inputs, services and technologies, reduce transaction costs, and tap high value markets.

Agribazaar: The Government of India recently signed preliminary agreements with multiple private sector players to share farm statistics it’s been gathering since 2014. The idea is to leverage this data to help farmers boost yields with apps and tools built from information such as crop output, soil quality and landholdings. Under the agreement, the private companies will help the government develop proofs of concept to offer tech solutions for farm-to-fork services, which farmers will access at their doorstep. If beneficial, the tools would be scaled up at the national level. Firms would be able to sell the final product to the government and also directly to growers. AgriBazaar is proud to be a part of the initial cohort of businesses partnering with the government in this ambitious vision. We are deploying our world-class technology to develop and implement a digital agriculture platform with solutions in crop identification & estimation using remote sensing technology, advisory services to farmers, post-harvest intelligence for farmers & connecting farmers to the market and providing financial access to the farmers.
CropIn: CropIn is an intuitive, intelligent, self-evolving system that delivers future-ready farming solutions to the entire agricultural sector. The brand delivers decision-making tools that bring consistency, dependability and sustainability to agri-businesses. Real-time actionable insights enable farm management companies to take planned & responsive business decisions. The predictability of quantity & quality of yield combined with reduced cost of operations results in higher productivity for the businesses.

Ninjacart: Ninjacart is India’s largest fresh produce supply chain company that is solving one of the toughest problems in the world through technology. The brand connects producers of food directly with retailers, restaurants, and service providers using in-house applications that drive end-to-end operations. Currently, their Supply Chain is equipped to move 1400 tonnes of perishables from farms to businesses, every day, in less than 12 hours.

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