Window Magic: all-weather, ecologically responsible, heat- and noise-resistant material for doors and windows

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Mr. Manish Bansal, Director, Window Magic

Could you describe more about the range of products/ services you offer? What is unique about your business?

With the introduction of the most recent technology, one well-known brand that strives to be a name of “change” in the fenestration sector is Window Magic, producing windows, doors, façades, and other fenestration items. They push the boundaries of technology to have highly functional and aesthetically pleasing items of the highest caliber.

Various Aluminium & uPVC Window & Door Systems are available from Window Magic.

Leading producer and designer of fenestration systems, Window Magic provides a wide selection of aluminum & uPVC Windows & Door Systems. uPVC is a fantastic advancement over wood. By utilizing this all-weather, ecologically responsible, heat- and noise-resistant material for doors and windows, you can enhance traditional and contemporary homes’ comfort, convenience, and design.

Our technical partnership with Kommerling provides our goods with a competitive advantage. Our goods offer numerous window and door systems in various styles, including casement, sliding, tilt, and turn, in addition to insect screens and glass choices.

Our product line is excellent for residential, commercial, and institutional structures.

Evolution in the past few years in the industry

In response to the expanding demand for weather-proof, energy-efficient fenestration solutions, the industry is moving towards more windows & door systems made of cutting-edge materials like uPVC and aluminum because of their insulating and resistant qualities as well as their energy-efficient manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, increased urbanization and environmental consciousness have raised the need for fenestration solutions that are visually appealing, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, recyclable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance.

4 Business-to-Customer Success Factors

  1. The first step B2C companies must do to develop a customer success plan is to recognize and comprehend each customer’s purchasing trends and intrinsic needs.
  2. Customers will require assistance if they have problems with your goods or services. Proactive customer service is crucial in this situation.
  3. You can be sure to assist your consumers before they become irritated with your service if you keep an eye on the success of your B2C operations.
  4. Personalization strategies can assist online retailers in providing excellent customer service that encourages repeat business.

Explain B2C Outlook: Post Covid-19 Scenario by 2030.

The term “new normal” is not merely a buzzword used in casual talks; it refers to genuine phenomena particularly pronounced in the B2C industry. Although marketing has always changed, the worldwide pandemic has had a far more significant impact than in past years.

The COVID-19 crisis hastened the growth of business-to-consumer (B2C) toward new businesses, clients, and product categories. Customers now have access to a wide range of items from the comfort and security of their homes, and companies can continue operating despite contact limitations and other confinement measures.

Investing heavily in digital marketing channels, increasing and strengthening the customer experience, modernizing your supply chain and fulfillment, and concentrating on your technical platforms are some tactics organizations might consider adopting to succeed after COVID-19.

Why did you choose this industry over any other space?

I’ve always wanted to work in an industry still in its early stages of growth. uPVC doors and windows were very new products in the market where we could develop the market and build a brand for ourselves as a legacy over the coming years. In contrast, other businesses had matured, and there was very little space for a new entrant, or you had to come with huge capital and make space for yourself. Thus, that was the primary motivation for starting this company.

And we were also striving to become India’s number one brand in other areas where the capital is quite strong, and there are large sharks in the industry, making it very tough. Therefore, we assumed it would be possible in this business.

Could you elaborate on your challenges while establishing and retaining?

We had to educate everyone about what uPVC is and why they should choose uPVC since it was a new product in the industry. If you look at the present market, it is roughly 15,000 crores, with aluminum accounting for 60% of the total. Imagine this fifteen years ago, when we first established our company. People only knew two types of windows at the time: aluminum or timber, so convincing them to choose uPVC was difficult. They used to refer to uPVC as plastic. So there were difficulties, particularly why uPVC.

Nevertheless, now we’ve effectively educated the clients and can say, “Why Window Magic?” Yet a decade ago, the question was always why uPVC. And then, as a family, we have always believed in quantity, so we came to the market with a vast production capacity, expecting to be able to revolutionize the market very quickly, but it took a long time. The first few years were difficult, but with perseverance and thanks to our chairman for his foresight, we made it to where we are now.

What is the new marketing campaign of Window Magic about?
One of the biggest and most prestigious makers of aluminum and uPVC windows and doors, Window Magic, has introduced Mr. HOS – High on Sustainability as their first-ever sustainability manager.
Since they feel we owe this land to our descendants rather than taking it from our ancestors, Window Magic picked Mr. HOS as their environmental ambassador. With Mr. HOS’s guidance, they want people to realize that we are all part of one big family and that sustainability is a priority for the future generation.
The business can become even more environmentally conscious overall by adopting Mr. HOS’s methods. They are upgrading their production facility to run entirely on solar power as a first significant step. Also, they assume full responsibility for the garbage produced throughout the production process and have teamed with GGEPIL, a waste management company. With Mr. HOS’ assistance, Window Magic is developing into a company that respects the environment and practices ethical business practices.
Inspiring quote for aspiring youth.
The youth must grasp the practical world vis-à-vis today’s theoretical world. Because I understand the importance of education and knowledge, but there is a significant difference between studies and knowledge; thus, one should be knowledgeable, and study will provide that information, but practical knowledge and practicality are what Indian businesses are for, and without which you cannot succeed.
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