TelioEV has been named the ‘Best EV Software Developer of the Year’

Telioev- A EV Chargers Locater provider start-up has been felicitated at EV India 2022 Expo, Greater Noida, Noida.

TelioEV intends to improve its digital SaaS solution for the entire EV sector.

TelioEV, an electric vehicle (EV) charging network provider, was named ‘Best EV Software Developer of the Year’ at the recently held EV India 2022 Expo at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, Noida, by the Green Society of India and IES Indian Exhibition Services.

Dr. Lalit Singh, Chief Growth Officer- Telio EV, and Mukesh Kumar, CTO TelioEV received the award from Gen. Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh, Minister of State for Road Transport, Highways, and Civil Aviation, Government of India.

TelioEV has been named the best software developer in the EV sector for its SaaS-based Charging Management System, which delivers real-time data and insights and assists CPO and Fleet Management firms in streamlining and scaling up their EV business.

TelioEV is a start-up driven by TelioLabs, a green tech innovation firm focused on using Technology for Sustainability.

EV ownersface various challenges in the growing EV ecosystem, including unreliable charging station networks, Inadequate accessibility and scalability in the existing platform, insufficient hardware and software interoperability, poor customer experience, and a lack of real-time data-driven insights on Charging Stations.

TelioEV seeks to address these issues by providing SAAS solutions for EV charging management.

TelioEV’s SAAS solution allows EV charger manufacturers and charging point operators to maximise the ROI on their charging infrastructure, attract more EV users, and manage their EV charger network.

TelioEV is also attempting to lower its carbon footprint.

“It’s an honour to be recognised for our work in the electric vehicle field”.

Dr. Lalit Singh- Chief Growth Officer- TelioEV
We are really delighted to have been acknowledged, and we look forward to assisting stakeholders in the EV space in achieving their goals and fulfilling TelioeEv’s aim of creating a green planet by reducing carbon footprint and lowering temperature.

“This award encourages the entire TelioEV team to keep improving every day We feel that the TelioEV platform was designed with EV customers in mind. The TelioEV App will be a major changer in the Indian EV charging industry.”

Mukesh kumar, CTO TelioEV
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