RaphaCure eyes Rs 100 crore turnover leveraging
Madhavbaug tie-up

RaphaCure is also engaged in a strategic collaboration with Madhavbaug in July 2022.

Madhavbaug has increased its reach and range of patient services by using RaphaCure’s technology platform.

Growing number of patients are being benefitted from the partnership between RaphaCure & Madhavbaug across the country

Rising adoption is leading to an uptick in RaphaCure’s revenue growth; the company plans to introduce newly health & wellness services in the upcoming days

National, 3 October: Leading digital healthcare platform, RaphaCure is eyeing exponential growth in its top line, with turnover reaching around Rs 100 crore in the upcoming quarters post its tie-up with Madhavbaug.

Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories Ltd- widely known as “Madhavbaug”- is one of India’s largest Ayurvedic Cardiac Care clinics chain, having a network and system of over 270 clinics and two hospitals. With more than one and half decades of legacy, Madhavbaug has a present patient base of more than twenty-five lakh spread across seven states and got listed on Indian bourses (NSE: MADHAVBAUG)

RaphaCure is also engaged in a strategic collaboration with Madhavbaug in July 2022. Through this collaboration, while Madhavbaug is presently expanding its reach and scope of preventive healthcare providing services to remote locations using RaphaCure’s technology platforms, RaphaCure is also getting an access to the former’s patient base and can cross-sale and upscale its several health and wellness offerings.

With such complementarity, patients in the most isolated part of the country are gaining access to quality and reasonable healthcare offerings for Madhavbaug and RaphaCure.

Madhabaug is the market leader segment in preventive cardiac care, with lakhs of patients worldwide benefiting from its traditional Ayurvedic treatment. It also treats diabetes reversal, BP management, obesity, and knee pain relief. Similarly, RaphaCure is India’s one of the leading diagnostics services brands apart from being a notable player in the corporate wellness space.

It provides a range of services, including mental wellness, women’s care, elder healthcare, vaccination services, e-pharmacy, dental care, eye care, blood bank services, genome health, health risk assessment, and employee assistance program, among others. availibility of such a wide array of services from the stables of Madhavbaug and RaphaCure on both physical and digital modes entices patients towards faster and better adoption.

As the synergy plays out on an enormous scale, “Rapha Clinic”- the treatment center of RaphaCure- is balanced to reach a monthly turnover of Rs 1 lakh per center over the coming months. The health tech startup is projected to rise by 20 times its user base, with a top-line increase of 200 percent in the near term.

Commenting on forthcoming growth prospects, the Founder and CEO of RaphaCure, Jeyakumar, said, “Our strategic alliance with Madhavbaug is a watershed moment in RaphaCure’s growth story customers are the real winners with faster access to a host of healthcare solutions at a reasonable cost. Significantly, the availability of treatments in a hybrid way- combining physical consultations and e-health-.has appeared as the popular choice among patients.

RaphaCure’s platforms are leveraging numerous cutting-edge technology applications to drive the user experience a delight across 276 diagnostic centers of Madhavbaug. With rising adoption, we are being confident of reaching a turnover of Rs 100 crore soon on an entity basis.”
“RaphaCure is committed to serve patients better with several new technological applications in the coming months. As we grow, we will continue investing in technology to make diagnosis and treatment more affordable for the customers ,” he added.
RaphaCure has launched its mobile app to lay out best in class user experience to serve its corporate clients. With the launch, corporate customers can now search, connect and book RaphaCure’s multiple corporate health and wellness packages from their mobile devices.
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