M20 Urban Spaces Pioneers the Integration of Green Infrastructure for Healthier Living

Transforming Urban Spaces into Green Infrastructure Bringing Gardens Home led by Mr. Suresh Mutha, Managing Director & CEO at M20 Urban Spaces 

In an innovative stride towards sustainable urban living, M20 Urban Spaces, under the visionary leadership of CEO Mr. Suresh Mutha, reimagines the essence of our living environments with “Bringing Gardens Home.” This groundbreaking initiative seeks to blend the tranquility of nature with urban convenience, creating green sanctuaries that promote well-being and environmental harmony. By integrating green infrastructure into residential areas, M20 Urban Spaces is setting a new standard for home design, where health and aesthetics converge seamlessly.

Neeta wants a cosy home in Chennai. She is more inclined towards properties which have greater greener cover.  She is particular on having a garden space inside her home, apart from the common garden facility. Siddhu is looking out for a rented home. Apart from checking the other essentials, he also double-checks if the house leads itself to nurturing a small garden cum workplace. Welcome to 2024 – where people’s focus on greenery has become more for health reasons than for aesthetic beauty.

The question is no more about the sprawling garden or cosy balcony, it is about the willingness to accommodate greenery into the living spaces. It would be right to say that we have come a full circle in terms of growing plants. After a few years of paying lesser attention to greenery, we have started to embrace it once again which is a good change.  

There is genuine interest to reap the health benefits from growing plants. That, it enhances your living space is a bonus. Even people who have space limitations, opt for vertical garden which maximises the available space and are virtually appealing.

 A sunny spot near the window can be used to create a herb garden in super cute pots. Wont it be great to pluck some fresh mint for your salad, right from your house garden?

Balcony, patio or window sills can be transformed into vibrant, colourful spaces with cascading vines, flowering plants or small fruit trees. Container gardening is a wonderful option as it can be moved around the space available.

Trailing plants can be used to create hanging gardens in smaller homes and apartments. They don’t take up the floor space and also look appealing.

The terrace of buildings can be transformed into serene escape spaces by creating a cosy seating area surrounded by greenery, flowers and even a small vegetable garden.  A pond, a decorative fountain or a container water garden will undoubtedly enhance the beauty and bring in serenity.  

Multiple research projects reconfirm that plants in your living environment can make you feel comfortable. Indoor gardening task reduces physiological and psychological stress.
Indoor gardening is a great way to handle mental illness. It also helps to recover from your illness faster. Plants kept in workspace increases productivity and creativity. Most importantly, plants improve the quality of indoor air.

These steps are to be followed to develop a green patch at home. The very first one is to plan your space, then comes the tough process of choosing the plants. In this step, it is good to take guidance from experts and professionals. They will also guide about the type of soil to be used. You can put your containers to good use and also try vertical planting.

If there are pets or children at home, it is important to avoid toxic plants. Also avoid having plant species which may aggravate the symptoms of asthma or allergies for people living in that house.
The commitment of Mr. Suresh Mutha and M20 Urban Spaces to forge a greener future is reshaping our urban landscapes. By prioritizing green infrastructure within our homes, they not only enhance our living spaces but also address broader environmental challenges, making a tangible difference in our quality of life and the health of our planet. As we look towards 2024 and beyond, the pioneering efforts of M20 Urban Spaces serve as a beacon of innovation, demonstrating that a greener, healthier future is not only possible but within reach.
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