Unveiling INVAS’s 2024 Vision: Telecom Test Solutions Redefining IoT Landscape

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Neeraj Dhawan, the Managing Director of INVAS, on the topic INVAS: Leading the Future of Telecom Test Solutions and IoT Innovations

The company’s longstanding commitment to delivering cutting-edge telecom test solutions has positioned it as an industry leader, particularly highlighted by its strategic partnership with Cientra. In the ever-evolving realm of telecommunications and IoT, INVAS stands as a trailblazer, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. Mr. Neeraj Dhawan, the Managing Director of INVAS, offers a deep dive into the company’s endeavors, its impact on IoT advancements, and its aspirations for the future, including a glimpse into the potential transformation into the 6G era.

Interview Questions and Answers:

1. How does INVAS’s expertise in Telecom Test Solutions contribute to the strategic alliance with Cientra?

Neeraj Dhawan: INVAS has a rich history of pioneering telecom test solutions, spanning 17 years. Our steady growth is attributed to our technological excellence and enduring customer relationships. As IoT began gaining traction, we ventured into automation, and with the onset of 5G, we initiated the development of oneM2M-based solutions, especially for Agriculture and Mining sectors. Aligning with Cientra’s 5G solutions was a natural progression for us, offering secure and flexible integration into the 5G network. This collaboration is underpinned by mutual respect, adaptability to market needs, and a team marked by technical expertise and dedication.

2. Can you elaborate on the service-based architecture of your solution and its potential to evolve into 6G?

Neeraj Dhawan: Our extensive work with IoT systems has led us to develop a multifunctional IoT platform applicable to various services. We started with Agriculture, extended to Mining, and are currently exploring services for the Railways sector. The introduction of 5G has provided tremendous flexibility, and we anticipate that 6G will bring additional enhancements, allowing us to prioritize traffic more effectively based on service type.

3. What are the key benefits that the Smartkheti Website and Mobile Application will offer to farmers and miners?

Neeraj Dhawan: Smartkheti emerged from our profound interactions with farmers, offering a holistic platform that integrates services, technical expertise, access to farming equipment, and government collaboration. It’s designed to address the core challenges faced by farmers, providing a comprehensive, tech-driven solution.

4. How does INVAS ensure the reliability and efficiency of the IoT devices developed for agricultural and mining applications?
Neeraj Dhawan: Leveraging our robust testing infrastructure and expertise, we ensure the reliability of the hardware and software in our solutions. Moreover, our alliance with Cientra, known for its reliable network architecture, further assures efficient, reliable, and cost-effective services.
Neeraj Dhawan’s perspective paints a vivid picture of INVAS’s commitment to leading the telecom test solutions and IoT innovations. As the telecommunications landscape continues to evolve, INVAS’s strategic partnerships and proactive approach poise it to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities of our increasingly interconnected world.

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