Check Point Software Provides On-Premise, Cloud, and IoT with Faster, AI-Enabled Network Security

Observe Point By utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to defend against the most sophisticated threats. such as zero-day phishing and domain name system exploits, Check Point software latest cyber security platform, Quantum Titan, revolutionizes IoT security and threat prevention.

Check Point Quantum Titan, a new release of the Check Point Quantum cyber security platform, is presented today by Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading global provider of cybersecurity solutions.

The Quantum Titan release offers three new software blades that use deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI). To deliver autonomous IoT security and improved threat protection against advanced DNS and phishing vulnerabilities.

One of the only platforms that can both enable IoT device identification and automatically apply zero-trust threat prevention profiles to safeguard IoT devices is Check Point Quantum Titan.

“Cyber dangers have gotten more complex, prevalent, and expensive. The growth of IoT devices and multi-cloud has significantly raised complexity and created the possibility of more serious breaches. In order to prevent the sneaky cyberattacks that are prevalent today, businesses must implement security measures that are both efficient and effective. Check Point looks to prevent these elusive cyberattacks with Titan, the newest release of their Quantum security platform. To streamline operations and improve security across the network, data centre, cloud, endpoints, and IoT, Check Point has developed novel threat prevention, automation, threat intelligence analytics, and unified security management”.

Frank Dickson, Group Vice President of Security and Trust at IDC,

“Keeping up with the ever-evolving threat landscape is growing more difficult and demanding, especially since traditional network security management technologies need weeks, if not months, to process upgrades, Innovative capabilities are combined in the new Quantum Titan platform, which is faster and more effective thanks to AI and deep learning”.

said Eyal Manor, VP of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies.

By combining and automating threat prevention technologies, procedures, and rules, Check Point’s new Quantum Titan answers the need for better security and less complexity.

This makes it possible to secure an organization’s complex, distributed networks more intelligently and effectively, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Check Point Quantum Titan’s capabilities include:

Threat prevention with new AI Deep Learning engines: Complex, zero-day phishing attacks cannot be detected by conventional reputation systems.

In comparison to conventional signature-based technologies, Quantum Titan delivers two new software blades. That use AI and deep learning to thwart 5X more DNS attacks and 4X more zero-day phishing vulnerabilities.

Unique autonomous IoT security: Traditional IoT security solutions demand more money and hardware sensors, as well as a significant amount of time to manually setup and run, only to manage assaults rather than prevent them.

The updated Quantum IoT Software blade, made possible by Quantum Titan’s platform, now includes zero-trust profiles. That are automatically applied, enabling organisations to begin thwarting attacks in less than five minutes. It also adds proprietary, quick, and efficient discovery for all IoT devices.

Business driven security performance: The performance of mission-critical applications and peak workloads is not automatically scaled or given top priority by legacy on-premise security systems.
With more than 20 features aimed at efficiency and performance, Quantum Titan significantly improves the performance of crucial applications.
During busy times or to handle unforeseen traffic spikes, the platform immediately prioritises apps and heavy workloads via auto-scaling.
With its Quantum Titan security platform, Quantum Maestro, and Quantum IoT products, Check Point Software is revolutionizing how businesses protect their network security. Organizations may now automate the orchestration of data centre workflows and expand their security gateways as needed.


Currently in early availability are Quantum Titan, the newest version of Quantum Cyber Security Platform, and Quantum IOT Protect. In November, they will be generally accessible.

About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

A significant supplier of cybersecurity solutions to businesses, governments, and other organisations worldwide is Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
With an industry-leading catch rate of malware, ransomware, and other threats, Check Point Infinity’s portfolio of products safeguards businesses and government organizations from 5th generation cyberattacks.
Four fundamental components make up Infinity, which offers generation V threat prevention and uncompromising security across enterprise environments. The most comprehensive, user-friendly unified security management in the industry; Check Point Harmony is managed by Check Point Horizon, a security operations suite that prioritizes prevention; Check Point Quantum safeguards network perimeters and datacenters, while Check Point CloudGuard automatically secures clouds. Check Point has over 100,000 enterprises of all sizes under protection.
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