Blutherm and Clage’s Innovative Alliance: Pioneering Eco-friendly Hot Water Solutions in India

Prittle Prattle News in an exclusive interview with Mr. Rajesh Sachdev, CEO of Blutherm about Blutherm’s Visionary Leap into Advanced, Eco-friendly Water Heating with Clage

Blutherm delve into the synergistic partnership with Clage and its transformational impact on the Indian market. With a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, this collaboration is setting new standards in the hot water solutions sector.

Blutherm, renowned for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge hot water solutions, has embarked on a significant journey with Clage, a German pioneer in energy-efficient water heaters. This partnership is a testament to Blutherm’s dedication to bringing state-of-the-art, eco-friendly technologies to Indian households, addressing the evolving demands of modern urban living.

Interview with Mr. Rajesh Sachdev:

Q1) Can you discuss the journey of Blutherm in bringing Clage’s water heaters to the Indian market and the vision behind this collaboration?

For the past thirty years, Blutherm has been dedicated to providing households with hot water solutions. In order to continue offering the latest technology and energy-efficient products, Blutherm partnered with Clage, a reputable German company with a 70-year history, known for their cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient hot water solutions designed specifically for urban homes. As modern homes become more compact, traditional storage water heaters are no longer suitable due to limited space. Additionally, with consumers investing in high-flow bathroom fittings, the demand for a larger quantity of hot water has increased, surpassing the capabilities of conventional water heating systems. Recognizing these challenges, Blutherm identified Clage as the ideal solution, as their products not only overcome space limitations but also provide unlimited hot water on demand in a highly energy-efficient manner, ultimately maximizing comfort for consumers.

Q2) How do Clage’s electronically controlled instantaneous tankless water heaters align with Blutherm’s commitment to innovative and energy-efficient solutions?

Blutherm is dedicated to introducing cutting-edge and energy-saving solutions, and one of the brands we partner with is Clage. Clage specializes in electronically controlled tankless water heaters, which are known for their innovation and energy efficiency. From mini water heaters for wash basins to comfort water heaters for entire bathrooms, Clage offers a wide range of products. Some of their products even come with Bluetooth and Wifi functions, making them smart and user-friendly. With Clage water heaters, hot water is readily available at the desired temperature, eliminating the need to wait, thereby reducing energy wastage. Their TTC (Twin Temperature Control) technology ensures that the water heaters consume the minimum energy required for the desired temperature, thereby maximizing energy efficiency. Additionally, all of Clage’s products have an energy label of Class A, the highest energy class for tankless water heaters in Europe. These qualities make Clage a perfect fit for Blutherm’s vision and mission, which prioritize innovation and energy efficiency.

Q3) What are the unique features of these water heaters that make them well-suited for the Indian market?

Clage Electronically controlled tankless instantaneous water heaters offer a range of unique advantages for modern homes:

1. Instantaneous heating: Clage water heaters offer Instant Hot Water on demand, eliminating any waiting time.

2. Precise temperature control: Clage Water Heaters can heat water to the exact desired temperature, eliminating the need for separate hot and cold plumbing lines, reducing plumbing costs, and enhancing energy efficiency.

3. Cost-effective operation: Clage’s energy-saving technology consumes up to 50 percent less energy compared to traditional storage and tankless water heaters, resulting in significant operating cost savings.

4. Environmentally conscious: Clage Tankless water heaters are designed to consume less energy and water, aligning with the company’s commitment to reducing carbon footprint and promoting environmental friendliness.

5. Optimal efficiency: Clage’s tankless water heaters minimize energy losses and utilize bare wire heating technology for maximum heat transfer, ensuring maximum efficiency.

6. Reduced pipe lengths: Clage tankless water heaters are decentralized water heating solutions that can be installed at the point of use, reducing the length of pipes required.

7. Enhanced hygiene: The non-storage nature of Clage products, combined with the shorter pipe runs, maximizes hygiene levels.

All of these features greatly benefit consumers.

Q4) Can you elaborate on the sustainability aspects of these water heaters and how they comply with the latest environmental standards?
“ Reliability, fairness and responsible actions are essential building blocks of our business success.

As a modern industrial company, we are actively committed to environmental protection and climate neutrality. We produce in Germany and act sustainably, ethically and socially.” Joachim and Jörg Gerdes – (Managing Directors of CLAGE GmbH)
Clage is committed to being an environmentally conscious company, continuously striving to manufacture sustainable and energy-efficient products. They have made significant progress in reducing their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, achieving a 56 percent reduction since 2014. Any remaining emissions that cannot be reduced are offset through renewable energy sources, as they have had a green energy contract since 2020. Additionally, starting from 2021, Clage has been actively offsetting their current CO2 emissions through certified climate protection projects. To ensure compliance with the latest environmental standards, Clage follows a set of steps outlined by ISO 14001. These steps include using grass paper packaging, which consists of corrugated board with 30 percent grass content, conserving valuable natural resources. They have also implemented pallet packaging without film, utilizing reusable pallet rubber bands and saving over 67 kilometres of plastic film annually. Furthermore, Clage operates entirely on renewable energy, powering their entire company, including production, with green electricity. Their commitment to energy and water-saving products is evident in the continuous improvement of their water heaters’ efficiency, ensuring maximum customer comfort with minimal energy consumption. In 2023, Clage took further steps to reduce their ecological footprint by introducing more environmentally friendly packaging. This change resulted in a reduction of 240 kilograms of ink consumption, 35 percent less energy required for producing cartons, a saving of 30 tonnes of offset paper, and a decrease in road traffic, leading to 652 kilograms less CO2 emissions per year. These efforts have made a significant contribution to protecting the environment.
Conclusion: Blutherm’s collaboration with Clage represents a groundbreaking move in the Indian hot water solutions market, offering technologically advanced, eco-conscious products. Their joint venture not only caters to the functional needs of modern households but also demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, paving the way for a greener, more efficient future.
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