AI assistant helps to facilitate communication between property maintenance teams and renters

An authored article by Ashok Singh Jaunapuria, MD and CEO of SS Group

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising every aspect of life and AI assistant can be very helpful in facilitating communication between property maintenance teams and renters. AI can respond quickly to the renter’s inquiries, offering information on available properties, lease agreements, and rental processes. They can also handle maintenance issues, arrange for property viewings, and help with lease renewals. With AI doing these jobs, property managers can focus on more important tasks, resulting in higher tenant satisfaction and retention.

Chatbots and virtual assistants of AI are capable of handling all tenant inquiries which could improve customer satisfaction. The use of a chatbot allows the property maintenance team to provide persistently high-quality service, minimize response time, and enhance customer communication. Virtual assistants powered by AI can manage tenant communication through numerous channels, including calls, emails, live chat, or social networks, and can fulfill all tenant requests and boosts customer satisfaction. This allows renters to reach out in the way they desire while also ensuring accessibility and ease. Virtual assistants provide property managers with a significant edge in improving interactions with renters. Virtual assistants ensure that tenant inquiries and requests are addressed swiftly and attentively through their promptness, efficiency, personalized engagement, multichannel communication, and professional connection.

Renters expect their property maintenance team to respond quickly and conveniently, especially when they have problems or inquiries. Conversational AI can answer frequently asked queries efficiently and precisely and is capable of understanding the intent and context of renter’s requests using natural language processing (NLP) and offer relevant responses or actions. It also uses natural language processing to promptly create contracts and generate legal papers according to the details.

AI recognizes the issue, resulting in an order for maintenance personnel, and making an appointment with the renters. This substantially decreases response times, improves tenant contentment, and improves service quality. Artificial intelligence can be used by property maintenance teams to produce immersive virtual tours that allow potential purchasers to study properties from anywhere in the globe. Prospective purchasers, for example, can explore 3D models of houses without leaving their homes, owing to AI-powered technologies. It supports zoom-in spoken notes and panorama views.

A renter considers various aspects when looking for a property, including location, price, square footage, and the number of bedrooms. AI can deliver prompt and accurate responses.AI saves time on repetitive chores and can also assist with more complex tasks. Using the correct tools for renter background checks and lease document verification will save the time which is spend reviewing rental applications and will make the flow of communication easier.

Property maintenance teams are already experimenting with artificial intelligence-powered virtual reality tours that enable potential tenants to discover available flats without physically visiting the property. Virtual tours save time and money while giving tenants an immersive viewing experience equivalent to an in-person tour. Language limitations can be a significant obstacle to communication, and AI language models have the ability to improve language translation services, making them more accurate and accessible to people who need to communicate in multiple languages. AI-powered translation tools have made it easier for renters to communicate with property maintenance team, who speak different languages. AI-powered solution is also capable of integrating with surveillance systems and offer access control components, allowing the property management staff to track and regulate visitor access to certain regions
AI transforms property maintenance team by automating chores, increasing productivity, and upgrading the experience for both property managers and renters. Property managers can boost their property management software with streamlined operations by integrating AI-powered tools that automate rent collection, improve maintenance processes, and gain valuable insights.
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