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IFS Telehealth Collective Launches, Now Accepting Clients for Online Internal Family Systems Therapy Across Six U.S. States

There is so much demand now for IFS therapy and so many under-trained people

 IFS Telehealth Collective has launched a mental health group practice to deliver high-quality, evidence-based IFS therapy to clients, virtually, at home. Dedicated to providing online Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy authentic to the IFS Model, the IFS Telehealth Collective, a group of licensed clinicians, is now accepting clients throughout California, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Oregon, and Michigan.

The Internal Family Systems Model, developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz over 30 years ago, is enjoying widespread popularity for its transformational power in psychotherapy. Its evidence-based approach is becoming the gold standard of treatment for its lasting effects that address a wide range of mental health issues, from anxiety and depression to chronic stress and complex trauma.

“There is offering it that I’m very happy to have this resource of the IFS Telehealth Collective,” said Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., developer of Internal Family Systems psychotherapy. “Two top IFS trainers vet, hire and provide consultation to well-trained IFS therapists so that if you refer to this practice you can be confident that clients will be getting the real deal.”

Founded by lead IFS trainers, Mariel Pastor, LMFT, Paul Ginter, Ed.D., and Certified IFS Therapist Marcella Cox, LMFT, the IFS Telehealth Collective specializes in online IFS therapy for individual adults looking to address a range of life difficulties such as chronic stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, anger issues, self-esteem issues, grief, addictions, relationship issues, and prioritizing self-care. The team also specializes in working with therapists who are interested in experiencing the Internal Family Systems model in their own personal counseling.

“I was inspired to create a virtual mental health practice to meet the growing demand for high-quality IFS treatment so that more people could benefit from transforming from the inside out,” said Marcella Cox, M.S., co-founder and executive director of the Internal Family Systems Telehealth Collective. “It’s an honor to work with like-hearted professionals who are as passionate about this approach as I am, and who share my hope for healing in the world.”

The Internal Family Systems Telehealth Collective is more than a referral service, the company’s qualified therapists are vetted for their IFS skills and receive ongoing mentorship in their practice of Internal Family Systems therapy. In addition to offering true Internal Family Systems therapy, the company is pioneering the first-ever, exclusive library of IFS tools and resources for clients to further their progress outside of session.

“After years of witnessing the healing and transformative power of Internal Family Systems Therapy, I’m excited for what can happen through this IFS Telehealth Collective,” said Paul Ginter, Ed.D., co-founder and clinical director. “I feel very fortunate and privileged to be able to work with a group of skilled IFS therapists who provide the highest possible care to those they serve.”

The IFS model lends itself particularly well to telehealth counseling, and the company is using the latest secure telehealth technology to give clients an in-person therapeutic connection from the comfort of their home.

“I’ve witnessed profound healing through IFS and believe that doing deep work is a generous act — benefiting individuals and transforming their relationships and communities,” said Mariel Pastor, M.A., co-founder and clinical director. “My deepest hope for the Internal Family Systems Telehealth Collective is that all healing that happens here will have ripple effects felt far and wide.”

Internal Family Systems Therapy acknowledges that all of us have ongoing, complex relationships with many different voices, thought patterns and emotions inside ourselves (parts of ourselves) that are similar to relationships we have with other people. When we’re able to turn down the volume of those different voices by transforming them into less extreme roles, we experience more of our authentic Self: connected, calm, compassionate, courageous, curious, confident, creative, and clear. By learning to listen deeply to the many different parts inside, revealing the healing power of an inherently wise and caring Self at our core, IFS clients come to love and trust themselves more while seeing the world through a more compassionate lens.

The way people want and expect to receive quality mental health care is changing. We formed the Internal Family Systems Telehealth Collective to address this need through a network of licensed clinicians who are experienced at delivering authentic, compassionate, trauma-informed IFS therapy online. Our mission at the Internal Family Systems Telehealth Collective is to help clients transform and reclaim parts of themselves from a place of compassion and curiosity, allowing them to live meaningful and healthy lives. Our team views Internal Family Systems as more than just a tool in our therapy toolbox; it is woven into our way of seeing and interacting with the world.

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