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Jose Eshkenazi Smeke Makes Donation To Child Safety and Development Organization

Jose Eshkenazi Smeke is the director of Soccer Media Solutions, a Mexico-based sports marketing company,

MEXICO CITY, March 10, 2021  Jose Eshkenazi Smeke has made a significant donation to El Club de Ninos y Ninas de Nuevo Leon. This organization targets children and teenagers during their free time after school. The comprehensive programs offered by the charity take place in spaces that are healthy and protected spaces, and help reduce the risk of the youngsters engaging in criminal behavior. 

In Nuevo Leon, 4 out of 10 boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17 years of age are the victims of violence and crime. Seven out of 10 teenagers in the state don’t continue on in their studies after high school. Unfortunately, many of the boys and girls in Nuevo Leon drop out of school due to their financial situation. The youngsters then work either informally, or otherwise within, a criminal cell. 

These girls and boys have often already failed at school prior to dropping out. This puts them in grades that are below their ages. This reality is in stark contrast to the fact that Nuevo Leon boasts one of the highest rates of education with an average of 10 years. 

As the representative and sports marketing specialist for two companies devoted to the outdoors and digital marketing, Jose Eshkenazi Smeke knows how important staying active can be for children who are at risk. With his sizable donation, El Club de Ninos y Ninas de Nuevo Leon will be able to help many more children who might otherwise turn to criminal behavior or become the victims of violence and crime during their vulnerable after school hours. 

The aim of El Club de Ninos y Ninas de Nuevo Leon is to provide a range of educational programs to complement activities that support the club’s long-term goal of putting the state’s boys and girls first. By providing at-risk girls and boys with access to sports, education, art, and human development activities, the charity is facilitating their comprehensive long-term growth and development. 

Through these safe and healthy alternatives, the boys and girls learn skills that help them not only in their lives at the present, but they can apply these skills throughout their lifetime. Strong values such as responsibility, teamwork, discipline, creativity, leadership, and solidarity position these girls and boys to face the challenges that a technologically-based and global society presents. 

The best way to ensure that Nuevo Leon’s boys and girls don’t drop out of school is to strengthen their capabilities and skills. Children who complete school are better prepared for life as adults. Not only do they tend to make more money, but they are also less likely to lapse into criminal behavior. Girls and boys who are armed with the values and skills that are in demand in this global society are more likely to succeed. 

About Jose Eshkenazi Smeke

Jose Eshkenazi Smeke is the director of Soccer Media Solutions, a Mexico-based sports marketing company, and a sports marketing and digital marketing specialist. He is passionate about the outdoors, digital advertising, and combining the two.

Location – Mexico City, Mexico

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