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Auxiliary Power Module Now Available for All Micro Weather Stations and the AWARE Flood System

Intellisense Systems, Inc., a leading provider of integrated environmental sensing solutions, has announced the availability of the Auxiliary Power Module, an integrated solar panel and battery pack that serves as an alternative to hardline power.

The Auxiliary Power Module ensures that all Micro Weather Stations (MWS®) and the AWARE Flood System units can power multiple accessories and consistently deliver minute-by- minute reports of environmental conditions regardless of temperature or solar exposure. It is also compact, easily transportable, and can be positioned at any angle to gather the greatest amount of sunlight.

The Auxiliary Power Module was developed for customers who needed faster reporting speeds without available hardline power in remote locations. In some of these conditions near the Arctic Circle, limited sunlight and frigid temperatures adversely affected their sensors’ built-in power management system, and operators were forced to reduce the reporting frequency to preserve power. The Auxiliary Power Module provides enough power to maintain five-minute reporting without hardline power. After field-testing with a multitude of MWS users, this module is now available to all customers.

“Our first priority is ensuring that customers always get the environmental data they need no matter where they are,” said Jeff Norell, the Director of Products for Environmental Monitoring Systems at Intellisense Systems. “The Auxiliary Power Module provides enough power to support high-power accessories and maintain a high reporting frequency in adverse conditions. It’s also been field tested in a variety of conditions, so we know that it will work anywhere in the world.”

The Auxiliary Power Module connects to the MWS, AWARE Flood System, or any other environmental sensor via a threaded M8 serial connector. This connector is rated to IP67 waterproof standards, and the threading ensures that it remains connected to the sensor through extreme shock and wind. These ruggedized ports also enable integration with more advanced accessories, like the water level radar module for the AWARE Flood System.

About Intellisense Systems, Inc.

Intellisense Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced sensing and display solutions supporting a data continuum from acquisition to visualization. We enhance our hardware with software that adds intelligence to our systems and can turn raw data into useful information for improved decision making and process automation.

Intellisense Systems offers both off-the-shelf products and custom development services. These services include research and development, requirements analysis, design, systems integration, prototyping, production, testing, field support, and training. Headquartered in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, the company occupies 60,000 square feet across multiple facilities. Our manufacturing capabilities include electronics fabrication, unit qualification testing, systems integration, and volume production with full quality assurance. Intellisense Systems is qualified across engineering, accounting, and manufacturing to serve government and commercial customers.

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