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ThinkerPlace encourages kids to Think, Create & Implement by learning to make their gadgets and having fun during the process.

ThinkerPlace, an EdTech company specializing in creating new and innovative ways to engage children in S.T.E.M. [Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics] based learning through educational toys, is all set to collaborate with schools in Pune to launch their newly designed preschool S.T.E.M. based D.I.Y. kits. Since ThinkerPlace’s launch in 2019, they have been redefining education for young minds across several age groups. 

Product Description

The Smart Remote Controlled Light D.I.Y. kit of ThinkerPlace encourages kids to innovate and experiment with automation at home. 

  • With this DIY LED light, your child can switch on/off the light through a remote control. You can use this remote-controlled light anywhere you want to in your home. It is an excellent start to getting hands-on practical learning with S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). 
  • Kids learn the basics of electronics & automation.
  • Your child will learn automation, problem-solving skills, electronics, the functioning of electric components, and much more.

U.S.P.s of the Product

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Designed by S.T.E.M. Experts
  • Detailed Manual
  • Community of young innovators

Avoidable Disadvantages of the Product

  • The remote that comes with the product will work only after the transparent sheet is removed from the battery’s side.
  • The light is made of M.D.F. casing which can be damaged in water, but it is avoidable if kept away from it.
  • The casing can break if excess pressure is applied, so one must handle it carefully.

Since its conception, ThinkerPlace’s primary focus has always been bringing awareness to the S.T.E.M. learning methodology. ‘Learning beyond books’ has been their motto. They have stayed accurate to it by allowing many students to learn more holistically, experiential, practical, innovative, and creatively through their educational D.I.Y. toys. That’s not all; the ThinkerPlace labs set up across the country have taught essential skills to students, like developing a design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, and physical computing,, among many others.

“The field of education is undergoing a huge transformation. Each day we realize just how much this change is goal-oriented to the future, and a lot of time and dedication needs to be given. So far, the response ThinkerPlace has received in our country has been such a booster to do more and a testament that it is helping students across. This next milestone in our journey- the association with TRAM is a step towards building more S.T.E.M. labs worldwide. We are certain that this association will empower the new generation of young Nigerian innovators toward socio-economic growth and digital and sustainable development in Africa and beyond”, says Mrs. Deepti N. Sharma, Director, ThinkerPlace.
Prittle Prattle News highly recommends ThinkerPlace – Smart Remote Controlled Light.
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