Banana Waves by Beyond Snack: A Symphonic Delight in Every Bite

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Banana Waves Chips by Beyond Snack are no ordinary snack; they are a delightful symphony of taste and texture. Available in two scrumptious varieties, Cheesy Jalapeno and Sriracha Delight, these wavy banana chips redefine the snacking experience with a fusion of traditional goodness and modern flair.

Unveiling the Delightful Revolution

Beyond Snack, a pioneering Kerala banana chips brand, has introduced Banana Waves, a snack that challenges the conventions of traditional banana chips. Born from a desire to infuse youthful zest into an old favorite, Banana Waves are vibrant, exciting, and irresistibly contemporary. According to Manas Madhu, Co-Founder of Beyond Snack, their mission was to reimagine the classic into something that resonates with today’s younger consumers.

A Wave of Difference

What sets Banana Waves apart is their mesmerizing, wave-like form that deviates from the ordinary. This innovative shape promises a crunchier bite and a medley of exotic flavors with continental undertones. The Cheesy Jalapeno variety combines the richness of cheese with the thrilling kick of jalapeno, while the Sriracha Delight variant offers bold and spicy notes that dance delightfully on the taste buds.

Packaging with a Splash of Excitement

Beyond Snack’s commitment to innovation extends to its packaging, featuring a vivid illustration of a giant Banana octopus generating waves. This symbolizes the exhilaration contained within each bag. As Gautam Raghuraman, Co-Founder of Beyond Snack, puts it, “Banana Waves Chips are not just a snack; they are an experience of joy and exhilaration.”

Accessible Luxury

These delicious Banana Waves are now available at retail outlets in prominent cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. But the excitement doesn’t end there. Beyond Snack has made sure that these wavy delights are accessible to consumers across India through online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, Blinkit, Swiggy, and Zepto. All of this at an affordable price of just Rs. 50 for a 65g pack, making it an affordable luxury perfect for the festive season.

A Revolution in Snacking
Beyond Snack envisions creating a snacking revolution that resonates across India and worldwide. As with all Beyond Snack products, Banana Waves are non-GMO, cholesterol-free, and trans-fat-free, made from the finest bananas and premium ingredients. With these banana chips, Beyond Snack invites you to experience the wholesome goodness of traditional Kerala banana chips with a modern twist that makes snacking an exhilarating experience.
In a world of snacks, Banana Waves stand out as a unique and thrilling choice for those who appreciate the fusion of flavors, a crunchy bite, and the excitement of breaking away from snacking norms. So, embark on a snacking journey like no other and let Beyond Snack’s Banana Waves take your taste buds on a delightful adventure.
About Beyond Snack:
Beyond Snack is a plant-based savory snacks brand based in Alappuzha, Kerala. Launched in 2020, the brand gained recognition after appearing on Shark Tank India in 2022 and securing investments from industry leaders. Beyond Snack aims to revolutionize Kerala banana chips, aspiring to become the go-to brand for this popular snack. Made with superior raw materials and high-quality bananas, their chips are cholesterol-free, trans-fat-free, and GMO-free. Currently available in multiple flavors, Beyond Snack has a solid retail presence in Maharashtra and a nationwide online presence. Experience the future of snacking with Beyond Snack.
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