Yesglasses Launches New AI Face Shape Recognition Tool to Help Find Flattering Frames

NEWARK, Del., Yesglasses is dedicated to offering the best one-stop eyewear shopping experience in the world by developing easy-to-use tools and articles to help eyewear fans choose the best glasses tailored to one’s face.

The latest tool developed by Yesglasses is the Face Shape Recognition Tool, capable of automatically identifying one’s face from nine different face shapes.

The shape of one’s face is very important when selecting prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses and feeling satisfied with a complimentary choice. Everyone’s facial features are different, from strong jaw lines to narrow foreheads, and eyewear is not only essential for seeing clearly but can also elevate one’s style. Some studies suggest wearing glasses can make you appear more professional, trustworthy and intelligent. One study has even suggested wearing glasses could help candidates win in political elections. Choosing the right frames to match your face shape elevates one’s best facial features, helping to achieve a distinct and flattering look.

“Not all frames can look great on every face, so it is important that one knows which frame shape will best compliment their face. Our new AI face shape recognition tool works seamlessly with our website and will help you determine which frames will be the best ones for you.” Emma Kang, Marketing Manager

In addition to the Face Recognition Tool, Yesglasses offers a Face Shape Quiz for identifying one’s face shape as well as a Face Shape Guide which outlines the defining factors for each face shape. Each Face Shape overview comes with recommended styles for the most flattering frames to match one’s face shape. If the shopper prefers a second opinion, Yesglasses also offers the ability to create a poll to post to the Yesglasses community for advice on identifying one’s face shape.
The Face Shape Recognition Tool follows two other helpful tools developed by Yesglasses, including the pupillary distance measurement tool and the virtual try-on, available on every product page.
All frames offered by Yesglasses are designed in-house with attention to the most stylish and trendy frames today. We offer prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses and prescription tinted glasses. Nearly all frames can be customized into the shopper’s desired lenses. Learn more about the company through the Yesglasses Media Kit page.

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