The Lexicon Group, in association with MultiFit, introduces its venture ‘The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training.’

The fitness industry is multiplying.

With people becoming more aware of adopting a healthy lifestyle, there has been an increase in fitness enthusiasts and an increased demand for fitness trainers who are well-knowledgeable and have a holistic approach and understanding of the fitness world. To cater to this very segment of individuals, who wish to pursue a career in fitness, and those who are fitness enthusiasts, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, in association with MultiFit, is all geared up to introduce – The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training.

“Our sole focus lies not only on training and certifying individuals to set them up for a job but also on educating fitness enthusiasts by keeping them updated in the ever-evolving fitness world. We look forward to creating a fitness community that caters to every individual and their needs as they embark upon a fitness journey,”

Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, MultiFit & Educrack

The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training has been conceived with a vision to grow the fitness community, experts, and enthusiasts. The fitness industry can seem quite daunting and intimidating for many at the start. Still, at the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training, they look forward to changing that perception. They are working towards making people feel encouraged, motivated, and inspired to start their fitness journey, make it their lifestyle, and always keep them updated with the proper knowledge.

An academy that is inclusive of all indeed hits all the right notes. That’s not all. While the commitment to offering the best fitness training platform in the country is at the core of everything they do, they are equally dedicated to providing courses that are a source of guidance to those who look for information on self-fitness. They have also developed ‘Train the Trainer’ certification programs, designed by their master faculty with an emphasis on soft skills to ensure their learners become successful business leaders.

The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training offers much to all fitness enthusiasts and training experts. It is undoubtedly here to ensure that it’s a one-stop solution for all your fitness-related journeys.

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