Spurring Innovation for Decarbonization, Bukit Asam Unveils Bukit Asam Innovation Awards 2022: Greenovator

JAKARTA, Indonesia, As an effort to produce newer decarbonization technology innovations in the mining field, particularly the coal mining activities, PT Bukit Asam Tbk (IDX:PTBA) launches a competition, Bukit Asam Innovation Awards 2022 (BAIA 2022) Greenovator.

The launch event was conducted on hybrid format in Bali United Studio Jakarta, on March 22, 2022.

For the first time, Bukit Asam embraces the theme of decarbonization in the competition which is held every two years since 2014. The competition is also open for public, targeting participants from universities, startup companies, research institutions, and the public.

“We invite all best people and individuals in Indonesia, from innovators, researchers, and environmentalists, to take part in the BAIA 2022 Greenovator. Together, we strengthen creativity and innovations to create a greener environment,” said Director of Bukit Asam, Arsal Ismail, during the launch event.

With the 2022 BAIA competition, Bukit Asam reaffirms its commitment to decarbonization, inviting more collaborations in mining research and technology to achieve the Indonesia’s Net Zero Emission (NZE) target by 2060 or earlier.
Commitment to Decarbonization
Looking at the increasingly concerning climate change situation and the solemnity of Indonesia’s commitment in the G20 Presidency to mitigate climate change and a sustainable energy transition, Bukit Asam is taking part in reducing global carbon emissions by providing more environmentally friendly energy.
Bukit Asam reinforces its existence and transformation to become an eco-friendly energy company. Some efforts in sustainability include the company’s new portfolios in the new and renewable energy (EBT)-based power plant portfolio, coal downstream development, as well as setting up a Special Economic Zone in Tanjung Enim for chemical industry.
Bukit Asam also increases initiatives in carbon management and integration program to socialize the implementation of decarbonization for all mining operations, including coal.
“Currently, Bukit Asam is carrying out various activities related to carbon management. They include reclamation, decarbonization for mining operations, as well as initiating studies for carbon capture, utilization, and storage,” said Arsal.
In mining operations, Bukit Asam has implemented two decarbonization programs. They are: 1) Eco Mechanized Mining, which replaces fossil fuels mining equipment to electricity, and 2) E-Mining Reporting System, which minimizes the conventional fuel-based monitoring with real-time and energy efficient online reporting.
The Stages of BAIA 2022 Competition
BAIA 2022 is inviting all groups of innovators from universities, startups, and research institutes to create innovations in two main categories: 1) CCUS, which includes the innovation work of post-combustion processes in Power Generation activities of Steam Power (PLTU) and gasification plant; and 2) Carbon Reduction, which includes innovative works related to carbon reduction efforts in coal mining activities.
After submission of the application and proposal, the team of juries will evaluate the submitted proposals. Participants with the best innovations will be invited to present and test the findings in front of the juries.
Based on the assessment by the team and the juries, the winners of the BAIA 2022 competition will be announced and awarded, and their innovations will be registered as Joint Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI) between the participants and Bukit Asam.
“We appreciate the consistent and serious efforts by Bukit Asam. This competition will be a big step for all of us, especially the coal mining sector, in reducing carbon emissions. Hopefully, through this event, we will get innovators who will become carbon handlers in achieving our sustainability goals,” said Arya Sinulingga as Special Staff to the Minister of SOEs during the BAIA 2022’s launch event.

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