SKF statement on media reporting related to sales in Russia

GÖTEBORG, Sweden, SKF would like to make the following statement in relation to recent media reporting related to sales to certain companies in the Russian nuclear weapons program.

SKF takes this information very seriously and carries out an investigation to thoroughly investigate the matter. The investigation is being made by SKF Internal Audit and supported by external experts.

SKF has received a file with links to websites where Russian state-owned companies publish public tenders. The information includes 171 tenders made by 17 Russian companies.

SKF has not had any of these 17 companies as customers.

SKF has reviewed each of these 171 tenders in detail and in the investigation found one distributor that has bought standard SKF products and then sold them to a company in the armaments industry.
This sale was made without the knowledge of SKF. The sale was in breach of the contract between SKF and the distributor as well as with SKF’s Code of Conduct for distributors. The total value of sold products from the distributor to the customer amounted to SEK 113,000 during 2019–2021, with no sales before or after that period. SKF takes this breach of contract very seriously and will take appropriate actions.

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