NSI Global acquires Geopolitical Intelligence Group In 2022

Today, NSI Global Counter Intelligence (NSI) announced it has acquired Geopolitical Intelligence Group (GIG), a leading geopolitical risk advisory firm, previously established in Canberra, Australia. The amalgamation will enable NSI and GIG to deliver an expanded suite of services for corporate risk teams, corporations, and governments who aim to mitigate, manage, and understand geopolitical threats from across the globe.

For over 20 years, NSI has provided counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and counter-insurgency services to businesses, governments, and high/ultra-high-net-worth clients. GIG has provided geopolitical risk analysis and forecasting of threats and global trends since 2018 across a selection of industries and government departments. GIG’s analysts discover emerging trends to understand the consequences of events that occur around the globe.

“In today’s volatile environment, it is important for risk professionals, C-Suite executives, diplomats and government officials to be able to navigate changes in the global geopolitical environment with ease due to the speed of changes that occur,” said Navid Sobbi, Group CEO and GIG.

“The acquisition of Geopolitical Intelligence Group (GIG) will see us able to offer our clients the most sophisticated and comprehensive global intelligence and executive support services available today. We emphasize concise and timely reporting with a focus on solid assessments and practical recommendations including emerging trends, developing events, and imminent events that may impact business continuity and travel security,” said Claude Khoury Group COO and GIG.

The Group COO also stated: “The reports provide critical intelligence information and assessments integrating near real-time, ear to the street intelligence gathered from in-field operatives, blogs, social media, the deep and dark web, traditional media, and cover a wide range of events such as imminent terror attacks, natural disasters, armed conflicts, targeted industrial espionage, hacking radar, health hazards, civil unrest and more. Our intelligence reports will assist you in taking proactive countermeasures, making informed decisions, and most importantly, helping you ensure the security of your most valuable assets.”

GIG’s geopolitical risk reports and analysis will be available through both GIG and NSI.

About Geopolitical Intelligence Group

GIG is a leading geopolitical risk management advisory firm. All areas of the globe are covered by our seasoned team of subject matter experts, national security advisors, consultants, analysts, and in-field agents. Our objective is to provide our clients with strategic intelligence so they may make informed decisions.

About Global Counter Intelligence

NSI is a global counterintelligence, counterterror/insurgency intelligence, technical surveillance counter measures, digital forensic incident response, and risk management firm. It is trusted by Governments, Law Enforcement, and Multinational Organisations to advise them on all aspects of Information Risk, Operational Risk, Cyber Risk, Corporate Risk, and Economic Espionage Risk.

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