Large Enterprises & MNCs Now Join Hirect India amid On-Going Recession, Good News for Job Seekers

Hirect, the chat-based direct hiring platform, has officially announced its merger with large enterprises and MNCs to cater to a bigger audience.

Earlier, the hiring platform only catered to startups. The company has also revamped the website in a completely new format to deliver a better user experience. The updated site has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality, allowing users to look for jobs and recruit talent precisely and efficiently.

Created with user experience and functionality, the revamped website includes the following features to help users’ recruitment process: The “Enterprise Hiring Page” has been launched, keeping the large-scale hiring recruitment in mind. Hirect’s enterprise hiring services are ideal for recruiters who must fill multiple roles or quickly expand their team. The enterprise hiring solution includes a dedicated account manager handling all hiring requirements, personalized candidate referrals, and a rigorous screening procedure to obtain the best applicants in large numbers. The AI algorithm, and personalized recommendation, enable the recruiters to build a skilled workforce.

Talking about the revamped website, Mr. Raj Das, Global Co-founder and CEO, Hirect India, said, “Our primary goal during the designing process was to create a more useful, user-centric, and responsive site that will function well across all platforms and devices. Specifically, we wanted to focus on making the enterprise hiring process easier for our users to build a skilled workforce with the help of an in-built AI algorithm in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.”

In light of rising competition, employers want to hire the best talent. At the same time, job seekers also want a destination where they can find the right opportunity with 100% data security. Hirect eliminates challenges by offering enhanced data security and integrity to the recruitment and hiring process. Hirect understands how data privacy is imperative and addresses the issue.

About Hirect

Hirect is a chat-based, direct hiring platform designed for high-growth startups and SMEs to meet their hiring needs without consultants and with 100% data privacy. Hirect aims to enable startups to connect directly with active job seekers within a day and at the cost of one meal. The application has clocked eight million+ downloads recently, both on the Play Store and AppStore, where three million+ job seekers are actively looking for jobs, and 150K+ verified recruiters are actively hiring on the platform.

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